Corporation tax

At RSM Denmark, our corporate tax specialists have a wealth of expertise and experience to help you with your business’s obligations. Our tax advisory services can assist with both understanding and corporate tax planning, so your company's finances are secured in the best possible way.

There often can also be unused deductions or depreciation options available that are not being taken advantage of. Our corporate tax optimization services will provide a detailed investigation into this for you, aiming to minimize taxable income while following the latest legislation.

What is corporate tax?

Corporation tax is tax paid when a company has a profit. It is paid to the state, similarly to personal tax.

In 2021, corporation tax in Denmark is 22% of the company's taxable profit.

Corporation tax 2021 2020
A / S, ApS and consumer associations, accumulating investment associations, funds, associations, institutions, etc. 22% 22%
Cooperatives 14.3% 14.3%

As a business owner or manager, it is important that you are well at home in the Danish tax rules, not least when it comes to corporation tax. In Denmark, all companies are obliged to pay tax on their profits - and if you are unsure about the rules, it can quickly become much more expensive than necessary.

Incidentally, it is not only the classic Danish company that is taxable. The corporation tax also includes, for example, funds, associations, capital companies or foreign companies that are registered in Denmark. On the whole, corporation tax is a complicated area of ​​rules that is constantly changing. Therefore, you can benefit greatly from qualified advice.

At RSM Denmark, we have all the necessary expertise and experience you and your company need. We can help you both understand and plan your corporation tax so that you secure the company's finances in the best possible way. Often, there may also be unused deductions or depreciation options that you have not been aware of.

Which companies must pay corporation tax? 

In Denmark, all companies are obliged to pay corporate tax on their profits. If you are unsure about the rules or fall short of corporate tax compliance, it can become much more expensive than necessary. Corporate tax also includes funds, associations, capital companies, or foreign companies that are registered in Denmark.

The following types of companies are subject to corporate tax:

  • A/S (public limited companies)
  • ApS (private limited companies) and consumer associations
  • Accumulating investment associations, funds, associations, institutions, etc

Cooperatives are also subject to a tax, which in 2021 is 14.3%

Sole proprietorships and I/S (partnerships) are typically taxed as personal income. You can choose to follow the personal income tax act (PSL), corporate tax scheme (VS), or the capital return scheme (KAO).

International tax advice for your corporation

There are different corporate tax rules relating to trade in Denmark and trade with other countries, be they within the EU or outside the union. This can lead to complex situations, but our international tax advisory experts can help you with all relevant VAT and tax matters if you’re trading or expanding abroad.

Choose RSM Denmark for corporate tax services?

Our corporate tax consulting specialists have the knowledge and experience to help your business with any corporate tax matter.

It is important to us that we always deliver the quality we are known for. All our employees and partners are kept up to date with changes in the legislation within VAT, corporate tax, and duties. We also ensure our experts take part in ongoing training, course activities, and subject-relevant seminars.

We partner with tax experts at Revitax to provide specialist corporate tax support and pride ourselves on knowledge sharing.

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