Help with tax accounting 

Tax accounts are often very complicated.

There are countless of rules in this field and the legislation is constantly changing. As a business owner it can be difficult to keep up with all these changes and this is where we can help you.  

We ensure that you get the tax accounts produced and subsequently get a statement of the company’s taxable income. Our focus is on optimizing and minimizing the taxable income while ensuring that you also follow the rules for what you should pay in tax and fees.     

Complex tax cases, the Danish Tax Agency and the National Tax Court

For complex cases it is important to have the best tax experts on your team. 

RSM in Denmark  is therefore co-owner of Revitax , who specializes in tax consulting. For complex cases concerning tax, VAT and fees, we discuss with our tax specialists who focus exclusively on this area. We do however not let go of your case even though we are working with Revitax.   

Unfortunately, we are often not involved until a tax- or fee situation that must be dealt with has been ascertained. This process can be cumbersome and expensive since the scope of the situation must first be clarified and then corrected.   

We therefore recommend that we be involved continuously with new initiatives and for periodic ‘inspections’. This way we can jointly clarify risks and prepare business procedures that ensures a correct handling of both tax and fees.  

Through Revitax, we can also take your case to the Danish Tax Appeals Board or the National Tax Court .