Tax services

Tax accounts are often very complicated and the legislation in this field is constantly changing. As a business owner, it can be difficult to keep up with all these changes. That’s why we offer a range of tax advisory services to ensure both employers and employees receive the most up-to-date and expert tax advice.

At RSM Denmark, we have a wealth of expertise and experience to help you with your business’s corporate tax. Our corporate tax solutions can help you secure your company's finances and minimize the potential of any tax litigation.

Often, there may be unused deductions or depreciation options that you have not been aware of. Our corporate tax optimization services will provide a detailed investigation into this for you. Our focus is on optimizing and minimizing the taxable income while ensuring you follow the latest legislation.

Our specialized tax services

For complex cases, it’s important to have the best tax experts on your team. That’s why RSM Denmark is a co-owner of Revitax, a specialized tax services company in Copenhagen. For complicated cases concerning tax, VAT, and fees, we discuss with tax specialists who focus exclusively on this area. However, despite working alongside Revitax on your case, RSM will remain in control and your main point of contact.

Unfortunately, we are often not involved in a process until a complex corporate tax situation has been ascertained. This process can then become expensive and complicated. We therefore recommend that we be involved with any new business initiatives, for which we can offer corporate tax consulting, and for periodic inspections. This way we can jointly clarify risks and advise on corporate tax solutions to ensure the correct handling of both taxes and fees.

Through Revitax, we can also take your case to the Danish Tax Appeals Board or the National Tax Court if necessary.

International tax services

There are different corporate tax rules relating to trade in Denmark and trade with other countries both within and outside the EU, and these can often be complex. Our international tax services can ensure your business is fully compliant in multiple jurisdictions.

We do this through our network of over 48,000 staff and partners located across more than 120 countries, positioning us well to provide sound tax advice wherever your business operates.

Why choose RSM Denmark’s tax services?

At RSM Denmark, understanding our clients and their business goals is our priority. Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to help you and your company with all your corporate tax needs. We strive to ensure we work with you as a team and provide independent, workable corporate tax solutions.

It’s essential to us that all our tax advisory specialists deliver a high-quality service, therefore we ensure all employees and partners are fully up to date with legislation changes through training, seminars, activities, and meetings. We pride ourselves on sharing knowledge, not only across RSM’s offices but also with our specialized tax service partners at Revitax.

To find out how our experts can help you with tax litigation, corporate tax consulting or international tax queries, contact us today and speak to our dedicated, professional team.