Cybersecurity — Prevent, Remediate, Strengthen

Cybersecurity practices are often inadequate in today’s digital world.  Cyber risk needs to be assessed in all aspects. Our risk assessment evaluates your business risks to identify factors, situations, processes and policy gaps that could compromise the security of your organisational assets or resources and cause irrefutable reputational damage.

SG Cyber Sage | Cyber Essentials

Learn how we can help SMEs simplify cybersecurity with CSA’s CISOaaS for Cyber Essentials (CE). Claim up to 70% co-funding support for this cybersecurity certification.


Data Privacy

Data privacy in a digitalised environment is paramount.  As more of your data becomes digitised and more information is shared online, data privacy becomes a critical first line of defence. Our Privacy Impact Assessment isolates the risk gaps in a given program or system across the entire development life cycle.

Learn how you can manage data protection compliance with ease. 

Find out more about the available government initiatives with funding support for data protection:


101 Data Protection Essentials

  • Data Protection Essentials (DPE) – Acquire basic level of data protection and security practices to protect your customers’ personal data and recover quickly in the event of a data breach. One-time fixed grant available.

Data Protection Assured

  • Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM) -  Build trust with your customers and stakeholders and increase your competitive advantage with PDPA compliant information security & privacy information management best practices and processes. Claim up to 50% EDG funding support.       
  • Data Security Instructions (DSI) implementation with DPE+ or DPTM+ for MSF-funded Social Services Agencies (SSAs). Community Capability Trust (CCT) Tech-and-GO! funding available.      


Audit & Compliance

We provide assurance over the level of your compliance with regulatory requirements. Our IT control assessments preserve value over your technology assets and ultimately safeguard your business continuity efforts.

  • General Control
  • Application Controls
  • Network Security Controls
  • Cybersecurity Controls
  • Assessment and Penetration      


We define and implement IT management controls that are critical for organisations based on a deep knowledge of international IT compliance frameworks. We believe that knowledge in safeguarding compliance risks should be addressed through proper policies and internal guidelines and provide readiness assessments for certifications such as NIST, MAS TRM, ISO 27001 and COBIT 5.


Governance and Oversight

Inadequate IT governance and oversight often starts from a weak “tone at the top” and accountability for securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of underlying information assets.  Our customised training programmes equip your personnel with an understanding of regulations and current standards.


Recovery and Continuity

Unforeseen incidents often occur.  Robust and well-tested business continuity plans to recover critical business functions within a reasonable time frame help to minimise the extent of damage.  We work with you to support implementation in areas such as:

  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Incident Response


Digital Forensics

The pervasive use of computers and portable electronic devices warrant the need to retain proper electronic evidence.  Our Digital Forensics specialists support professional law firms and corporations in recovering the valuable digital 'audit trail' and conducting forensic analysis to ensure that all crucial evidence is available to support a formal investigation. We also conduct commercial investigations for business owners in a wide range of commercial situations (i.e. industrial espionage, copyright infringements and fraud).

  • Computer & Mobile Forensics
    • Collection & Preservation
    • Data Recovery & Analysis
    • Reporting, Affidavits & Expert Testimony 
  • Network Intrusion
    • Consultation 
    • Analysis
    • Actions
    • Reporting
  • NRIC Scanning
    • Define IT System
    • Search & Analyse
    • Spot Hit Location
  • Secure Data Erasure
    • Logical Data Erasure      
      ​- Using software      
      - Ability to recycle / reuse
    • Physical Data Destructions      
      - Shred      
      - Burn      
      - Electromagnet / magnet degausser      
      - Unable to recycle / reuse


Technology Consulting

Your technology needs are likely to change as your business grows. From advisory to implementation and fully managed solutions for IT infrastructure, IT security, business applications (ERP and CRM), and business analytical tools, we offer a wide range of technology consulting services to help you adequately support your operations and customers while addressing any challenges you may face.

Learn more about our Technology Consulting solutions.

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