Adapting Your Business Processes to PDPA Changes

“How do you adapt your business processes to the new PDPA changes, effective 1 February 2021?” Hoi Wai Khin, Director, Business Consulting of RSM, performed a qualitative review on RSM in conjunction with the latest update on the PDPA processes. The primary objective is to help companies better understand the risks and impact of changes on PDPA processes have on their businesses, and the know-how to assess them.  This review also includes a case study on one of RSM’s NPO clients.

In his review, Wai Khin shows us how does the PDPC’s C.A.R.E. framework help companies to find out what is working and what is not in their PDPA regime. He also highlights challenges that are close to the heart of companies where PDPA regulations are concerned:

  • How to continually engage with the Board of Directors and Senior Management on PDPA regulatory changes
  • How to improve Data Breach Management process
  • How to embed a culture of Data Protection within an organisation

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