GST Analytics

As businesses evolve and become increasingly sophisticated, so does the complexity of business transactions. Ensuring accurate GST treatment in the face of regular regulatory updates continues to challenge businesses' ability to manage GST risks.

To cope with complexity, businesses are now adopting data analytics to spot anomalies that may not be consistently picked up through conventional GST reviews.

Discover what GST Analytics can do for you

We offer GST Analytics as part of our GST review. Going beyond traditional reporting, we help businesses dive deeper into their data to reveal opportunities and highlight threats that may affect GST compliance. 

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Quick analysis of voluminous transaction data for incorrect GST treatments

Spot and react to changes in suppliers' and customers' transaction patterns

De Minimis Rule Test

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Identify under and over recovery of GST

Check for and identify duplicate transactions

Test core data transaction reliability of GST workings


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Comprehensive yet Comprehensible

RSM's GST Analytics gives businesses access to easy-to-understand, visual dashboards that tell you everything at a glance. Never have to dift through unwieldy spreadsheets or wordy reports. It is not just about what data you have but what you can use.

Text reports and spreadsheets

  • Difficult to identify data correlation and spot issues

Interactive charts and diagrams

  • Easy to understand at a glance
  • Reveal patterns and identify issues visually

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