Personal restructuring and insolvency

Helping you navigate financial difficulties

Financial difficulties are real problems many companies face, especially in the current complex, uncertain, and turbulent economy and market.

Our dedicated team of professionals helps individuals with financial difficulties to restructure their personal debts and provides creditors with solutions in situations where the debtor’s personal insolvency is imminent and will result in bankruptcy.

Nominees in Voluntary Arrangement

The Insolvency, Dissolution, and Restructuring Act enables individual debtors to pre-emptively avoid bankruptcy proceedings. We may act as "nominees" to facilitate the consideration and adoption of a composition or voluntary arrangement.

Private Trustees in Bankruptcy

In situations where an individual’s insolvency is imminent and will result in bankruptcy, we can be nominated as a Private Trustee(s) in Bankruptcy (“PTIB”) in the administration of the bankruptcy estate in a creditors’ application to the court. Please refer to our Individual Bankruptcy page for more information on bankruptcy matters.



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