Rapid globalisation has led to an increasingly dynamic business environment where businesses continually explore and expand into new territories. This has significantly impacted the mobility patterns of global talents and workforce as businesses become more globally connected than ever before.

Employees are also proving to be increasingly mobile, travelling to-and-from various jurisdictions for short-term overseas assignments or long-term relocations. As Singapore establishes itself as the country of choice to be based in for such multinationals and individuals, tax compliance and optimisation are increasingly becoming more prevalent.

Whether it is alleviating the tedium of personal tax compliance or assisting companies/individuals with personal tax planning arising from international assignments, our Personal Tax Services team is committed to help multinational and expatriates effectively manage their personal tax issues.


Our broad spectrum of personal tax services include:

  • Preparation of income tax returns and tax computations for individuals and partnerships
  • Preparation of returns of employee’s remuneration (Form IR8A) and tax clearance (Form IR21)
  • Application for tax schemes like the Not Ordinarily Resident scheme
  • Tax equalisation
  • Assistance to attending to queries from IRAS
  • Application to IRAS for voluntary disclosures of past tax errors/negligence
  • Local personal tax planning and advisory


We believe that our pool of dedicated tax professionals is fully equipped with in-depth knowledge undergirded by vast practical experiences to assist you with your personal tax planning and personal tax compliance matters.


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