IT Advisory Services

Technology is a double-edged sword that sharpens the competitive edge of your business, yet it can also threaten your business if this technological tool is not well-protected. In today's environment where technology is intricately woven into operations, businesses will find that they are increasingly at various risks which may disrupt or cripple their operations, leading to financial and non-financial loss. There is a need to step up vigilance and protect the business from security threats.

Heightened risks have also resulted in internal and external demands for corporate governance and transparency, further adding on to the onerous challenges that businesses are facing.

Our IT Advisory Team will be able to help you meet some of these challenges. We implement new technologies or tailored information management solutions for businesses, helping to plan, design, select and implement new solutions. We help to address technology and security risk issues and enhance work processes. The objectives are to strengthen the security of your technology, meet regulatory requirements and ensure business continuity.

Values of Adopting IT Advisory Services:

  • Independent views that are based on industrial accepted good practices
  • Competent and qualified professionals carrying out jobs
  • No training and recruitment hassles
  • Business continuity working with established firm 


IT General Controls

  • Assessment of policies & procedures related to IS control environment
  • Review of IT asset management
  • Review of physical and logical security of the IT assets

Application Review (including ERP e.g. SAP, JD-Edwards, etc)

  • Ascertainment of reasonable assurance that selected applications are functioning reliably

Compliance Review

  • Ascertainment of organisations' compliance to IT policies, procedures and standards e.g. ISO27001/2, ITIL, COBIT, ISO20000, etc

IT Technical Assessment

  • Review organisations' IT infrastructure (workstations, servers, firewalls, etc) in accordance to best practices to identify gaps for improvement

Software Audit

  • Verification of software licences

Systems Logs Review

  • Review systems logs to identify exceptional entries and highlight them for Management's follow-up actions


SSAE/IT SOX Readiness

  • Preparation for SSAE or IT SOX audits

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) &/or IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP) and Readiness

  • Preparation for BCM audit
  • Development of BCP &/or IT DRP processes and procedures

ERP Design &/or Project Management

  • Assist in designing ERP workflow
  • Project management in the selection, requisition, implementation and training of ERP rollout

Sage 300 ERP and CRM Implementation

  • System implementation and improvement – Sage 300 ERP versions upgrade, workflow improvement, new report design and mapping
  • System implementation and improvement – Sage 300 ERP versions upgrade, workflow improvement, new report design and mapping

Process Improvement

  • Consultancy services in areas like process streamlining through automation or time motion studies

Management Information Services/Business Intelligence

  • Facilitate better management reporting quality by providing
    • Data analysis and mining capability to support data intensive fieldwork using tools like ACL
    • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capability that usually supports financial consolidation and budgeting processes



Control Framework

  • Assist to review &/or set up IT Governance Framework within the IT Department
  • Perform IT risk assessment to identify the key risks faced by IT and to recommend mitigating controls for better risk management

Policies and Procedures Documentation

  • Documentation of IT policies, process flows, procedures and controls
  • Educate IT staff to appreciate IT risk management better to promote better control environment

Managed Services

IT Managers to SMEs

  • Basic IT function health checks
  • IT assets administration and management
  • IT infrastructure design, upgrades and solutioning
  • Hardware & software fulfillment i.e. IT procurement, budgeting

Sage 300 ERP Maintenance

  • Technical helpdesk support
  • User training
  • System enhancement
  • Management reports design


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Executive Director & Head
IT Services

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