Technology Risk Group

The advancement of information technology (IT) has brought about newfound efficiency that sharpens the competitive edge of businesses. However, it also introduces clear and present technology risks. Failure to mitigate exposure to such risks can result in the loss of confidentiality, loss of integrity and loss of availability.

Our Technology Risk Group is able to help your business rise to the challenge. Our approach is tailored to each client and considers their business culture, IT environment, systems and business operations priorities. Our team of technology risk specialists' vast knowledge and extensive experience promises a high level of competence and commitment to our technology risk capabilities. We differentiate ourselves by offering holistic and end-to-end capabilities in the form of the following:


  • IT Security Audit
  • IT Governance & Oversight
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Digital Forensics
  • Network Security Audit / Penetration Testing


  • IT Governance
  • Computer Forensic
  • Mobile Forensic
  • Internet Intelligence
  • Cyber Security and Incident Response
  • Custom Technology Risk Courses

Our objective is to provide quality services, solutions and training to our clients in IT-related investigations, strengthening of IT controls, meeting of regulatory requirements and ensuring business continuity.

We have our technology risk specialists strategically positioned in major Asian cities, ready to tackle any challenges our clients face.


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