2019-20 Australia Bushfires | Support for those affected 2019-20 Australia Bushfires | Support for those affected 2019-20 Australia Bushfires | Support for those affected

2019-20 Australian bushfires - support for those affected

When the 2019-20 Australian bushfire season began in June 2019 with several serious uncontrolled fires, few would have imagined that it would turn into the biggest catastrophe we would have to face as a nation in a very long time. 

An estimated 14% of Australians have been directly impacted by lost, damaged or threatened property, with 34 people losing their lives and over 6,000 buildings and 20 million hectares destroyed. 

It takes time to recover from the fires - physically, mentally and financially. To aid those who have been impacted by the damage caused by the bushfires, our specialists have compiled various information that could help you get your lives back on track. 


We will be adding more information to this page, as new relief measures are announced. 

If you want to speak to someone about your situation, please contact your local RSM adviser or office.

Financial Reporting Requirements for Natural Disasters

Australia has experienced unprecedented challenges over the recent summer.  The recent bushfires were the largest on record, and have devastated vast areas across several States.  This was followed by extreme rainfall events, which included hail damage and heavy flooding in some areas.


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Agribusiness grants, rebates and incentives for 2020 in Victoria

Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria – North East Programs

The vast majority of Eastern Australia’s agricultural regions are now in the grips of drought, and as we move through 2020 it looks like we can expect much of the same with further dry conditions predicted.

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Further Drought Support Announced by the Federal Government

The Federal Government has announced avenues of support for Drought-affected farmers and businesses. 

There is now an enticing opportunity for all businesses to review and access attractive financing packages for the coming 2-5 years depending, facilitated by the Federal Government’s Regional Investment Corporation (RIC).

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State governments unveil tax relief during natural disasters

All Australian states (other than Western Australia) have implemented some measures designed to ease the burden for individuals and businesses affected by bushfires, floods, cyclones and other natural disasters.