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Meet Nicole Mohan - Principal, Risk Advisory Servicesicole is a Principal in our Risk Advisory Services division with over 10 years of experience in the provision of audit and risk consulting services

Nicole is a Principal in our Risk Advisory Services division with over 10 years of experience.

Nicole provides her clients with audit and risk consulting services, with a focus on the energy and utilities market, climate change and sustainability practice, public sector, and local government.

 Tell us about your career

I began my career journey at RSM as a Graduate and have been with the firm for 10 years. In my early years, I was primarily working within Melbourne’s Assurance and Advisory (A&A) Division. After being supported by RSM to become a Chartered Accountant, I was lucky enough to be provided with the opportunity to participate in an international secondment in RSM’s Los Angeles office in the US. This provided me with a great experience of embracing the US culture and working on listed and large-scale retail companies that included Superdry, Velvet Inc, and Seven7 Jeans.

Following my A&A international secondment and returning back to Melbourne, I transferred to the Risk Advisory Services (RAS) Division which better complimented my Master's Degree in Risk Management and is where I am today.

What is your role today?

I am now a Principal and see myself as a female leader embodying RSM’s culture which has been instilled in me since joining as a Graduate. I’m really proud to have been a part of and seen first-hand, the growth of the RAS practice in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

What I have loved about my job is the variety of work we undertake. Every day is a different experience, as I work across a range of clients, industries, and regulatory requirements. Due to this variety, I have travelled to all the capital cities of Australia (i.e. Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, and Perth) and smaller regions such as Broome, Port Macquarie, and Newcastle. I’ve also been fortunate to work overseas in New Zealand and India.

What training opportunities have you had over the years?

With training, RAS has always explored different opportunities and options. Previously, we would attend the RAS National Training Conference held in Chicago, US. This provided a combination of technical and soft skills courses and also allowed us to network with peers from RSM US, UK, and Germany. Before the pandemic, we attended the RSM Asia Pacific RAS Training in Singapore over two consecutive years. This is a testament to RSM’s commitment to investing in its people and the Partners' desire for our people to grow with the firm.

You recently relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane. How did that opportunity come about?

I relocated from the Melbourne Office to our Brisbane Office, with the support of the RSM Partners, for the growth opportunity that existed in Brisbane RAS. Having been able to work in two locations within Australia, the work environment and culture have always been welcoming and supportive. The Brisbane Office is fairly new (having only been in operation for 7 years) with RAS being operational for 3 years. Being able to contribute to the growth of Brisbane RAS as shown through its increase in clients and team members, has been very rewarding and has added to my career journey. From an office perspective, being part of the Leadership Team in a fast-paced, growing environment, with the opportunity to shape our office culture with several new divisions is also exciting. I look forward to continuing to help our clients, growing our RAS practice, and my team. 

Tell us something we don't know about you... yet.

I’m into health and fitness and have tried all diets under the sun. I’ve finally settled on a diet that consists of intermittent fasting. Overall, it’s most important to have a balanced diet.

In this COVID-19 world, where are you next looking at going on a holiday?

I had a 2-month summer Europe trip planned for my honeymoon in 2020, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Lucky for me, I recently relocated to our Brisbane Office - opening doors for travel within the Sunshine State. My next holiday is booked for Hervey Bay and Fraser Island and includes whale watching and 4WD driving.

Who has influenced you and what inspires you?

I have been fortunate to have grown up in a firm with many amazing mentors (Jacob Elkhishin, Jean-Marc Imbert, and Tim Pittaway) who have always offered help, advice, and support throughout my career journey. They have always supported my ideas and given me the freedom to ‘run with it’. In addition, my family has also inspired me to work hard and to learn from my experiences.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Find a job you enjoy – when you enjoy the work you’re doing and the people you work with, time passes by effortlessly.

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

One thing that I’m trying to turn into a habit is cooking a new dish every weekend. Before COVID-19, I had little interest in cooking and only cooked for sustenance. However, during last year’s lockdown in Melbourne, I found a passion for cooking and baking with a focus on healthy foods. As my free time is limited during the week, I find new recipes to try out on the weekend. Some of my favourite recipes include a pecan, apple, and bacon salad with maple dressing, zucchini beef sliders, spicy southern hot corn, and paleo banana pancakes.

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Nicole Mohan

Principal - Brisbane

Services: Risk AdvisoryClimate change and sustainability servicesGovernance, risk & controlsEnterprise risk managementInternal audit


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