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Private clients

Our advisors provide a holistic approach to private clients in planning your superannuation, wealth creation, tax and insurance needs to ensure you meet your personal financial goals.

Our solutions

Wealth accumulation
Arguably one of the most important aspects of wealth accumulation and management is knowing what ‘you want to achieve.’
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Self-managed superannuation funds
Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are an appealing option for business owners and individuals who want to control their superannuation assets.
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Personal risk
Whilst having some risk protection insurance in place is important, knowing what other demands you may have for the protection, is vital.
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Retirement planning
RSM can offer you a personalised service to meet with all your financial and retirement planning needs.
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Succession & estate planning
Our succession planning consultants help SME owners plan and execute the smooth succession of their business.
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Bankruptcy services
For each hour in 2014 approximately 3 individuals were either made bankrupt or have sought relief from their debts under Australia’s Personal Insolvency System.
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Debt management
Effectively planning how and why you establish loans can be the difference between managing your debt and your debt managing you.
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Individual tax solutions
To achieve success, employers need to ensure that employees are rewarded for their efforts and that tax implications are effectively managed.
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Dispute resolution & family law support
Our services demonstrate a significant understanding of the court process and expertise in written and oral evidence.
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Self-managed superannuation growth strategies
Our SMSF advisors can help you control your contribution limits, contribution types, borrowing and transitioning to retirement.
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