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The world is changing, fast.

Customers are increasingly expecting a customised experience based on personalisation. Competition is growing - both the quantity and quality.

At the same time, Governments and regulators are demanding faster and more accurate reports. Data analytics is simply the process of using data to develop a better understanding of various aspects of your organisation.

In this day and age, the most important answers to your complex business challenges could be hiding in your data. When there’s a lot of data, it’s known as big data.
It is those companies and data scientists who can make sense of the vast quantities of information at their disposal that are coming out on top.


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thinkBIG data analytics


In today’s digital environment, many businesses are collecting a lot of data but its potential remains untapped.

In today’s digital environment, many businesses are collecting a lot of data but its potential remains untapped.

Our data analysts can focus on linking analytics directly to decision making, taking the necessary actions, and measuring the outcome in order to deliver incremental value to your business.

Key contact

Srdjan Dragutinovic

Partner - Melbourne

T: +61 3 9286 8238

E: [email protected]

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Srdjan is a Director in the Data Analytics division in Melbourne. He has over 20 years global experience in advanced analytics to support strategic and operational decision making. He has a proven track record of creating value and competitive advantage, through the creation of data-driven culture and innovation, and has a combination of technical depth, industry know-how, leadership skills and execution, to deliver results. 

Key contact

Matthew Cunneen is a Partner in the RSM Sydney office.

Matthew Cunneen

Partner - Sydney

T: +61 2 8226 4750

E: [email protected]

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Matthew has been designing and developing leading technology solutions for international corporations since 1989. For the past 15 years, he has concentrated primarily on business intelligence and data, going from running his own very successful small business to leading a dynamic team at the fast-growing Decision Inc. Australia, and is now a Director at RSM.

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Why is Data Analytics important for your business?

RSM offers a range of services that can help unlock value in your business by leveraging data analytics to solve the most important issues you are facing.


Why is Data Analytics important for your business?