RSM Australia

SMSF Update series

This event has finished.

16-17 November 2015

Our panel of presenters will cover the following topics;

‘The importance of investment diversification’

Robert Zammit of the RSM Financial Services team, will discuss portfolio asset allocation, investment diversification and rebalancing of investments.

Update on SMSF tax law changes and issues

Presented by Phil Di Candilo. Phil will discuss transferring assets in and out of your SMSF, transition to retirement issues and opportunities.

Brief update on political environment for SMSFs

Presented by Kingsley Smith. Be prepared for any possible changes.

Finding those gold nuggets – real ones

Presented by Prospectors Pick. In our continuing series of showing you ways to also enjoy your retirement we have asked Prospectors Pick to come along and demonstrate the very latest in metal detectors down on the beach in front of the event venue. You just might get lucky! Be prepared to take off your shoes.

Event Details are as follows;



Monday, 16 November


5:30 - 7:30pm

VAT 2, 2-4 Jetty Road Bunbury


By 13 November to Faye on 9722 5600 or email



Tuesday, 17 November


5:30 - 7:30pm

Stilts Cafe, 11 Holgate Road Busselton

RSVP By 13 November to Bree on 9752 1406 or email


Event location

Bunbury 16 November - VAT 2, 2-4 Jetty Road Bunbury
Busselton 17 November - Stilts Cafe, 11 Holgate Road Busselton


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