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Business Services, compliance, risk assessment for Federal Government and Public Sector

The potential for greater efficiency, increased cost reductions and improved transparency has never been higher—but so have the risks.

Increasingly, agencies in the Commonwealth government are turning to private sector best practices for performance and process improvements. Yet antiquated legacy systems, complex regulatory concerns and ongoing resource constraints can impede progress and leave information vulnerable to unauthorized access.

RSM professionals provide compliance, risk assessment and performance review services to help federal agencies incorporate internal controls for greater efficiency and accountability. We bring the understanding that comes with extensive government experience to assist agencies in leveraging the resources they have and monitoring the services they provide. We also provide advisory services to address and mitigate data security issues that can put public sector information at risk.

From regulatory oversight and implementation to staff augmentation and outsourcing, we can provide federal agencies with the insight and practices needed to be effective.

Working together to get results

We work closely with you to offer practical advice and support that is tailored to your individual needs. We can support your organisation across a range of key areas, including:

  • support to in-house internal audit teams (including using subject matter experts to bolster the in-house team’s skills or experience);
  • contract risk assurance;
  • project and programme expertise;
  • IT audits and technology risk assurance and advice;
  • financial modelling;
  • outsourced internal audit;
  • consulting; and
  • fraud support (investigations, counter fraud, bribery and corruption advice).

Experience you can rely on

We have over 96 years’ experience working for government departments, arm’s length bodies (including non-departmental public bodies, trading funds and public corporations).

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