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State Government Services

Business Services, compliance, risk assessment for Local Governments and Public Sector

State and local governments are being challenged to deliver more transparency, efficiency and accountability than ever before.
Public servants are under considerable pressure to ensure that government entities function like a business – delivering quality services, implementing efficient processes, and setting new standards that can withstand examination.

Challenging times for state governments and public sector. RSM offer specialist expertise in a diverse range of sectors.At the same time, in the face of ever-changing economic and political conditions, state and local governments must function productively and show results, all while focused on achieving a higher mission: to preserve and protect the public interest.

Our experienced local government team has a practical approach and works in a way that suits your individual needs.

We provide specialist assurance, advisory and consultancy services to local authorities across the Australia, with tailored support including:

  • better management of commercial contracts
  • achieving greater outcomes through more effective collaboration and partnership working
  • enhancing measurement of outcomes though assessing social impact and value;
  • exploring commercial opportunities
  • reducing technology risk exposures
  • safeguarding the public purse through fraud prevention and detection initiatives;
  • fine tuning tax planning
  • finance function transformation
  • a free insolvency support tool that is bespoke for local authorities;
  • providing major project assurance
  • collaboration design, development, governance and assurance


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