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In these updates, our Health Services by RSM insights will no doubt give you cause for thought.

You can also check out snapshots of our latest activities and our most recent Health partner profile.

This edition has several highlights including connections to our RSM Service Lines and their Health Sector specialists. 

If you are looking for corporate advice in the Health sector follow the links of your choice and contact the right RSM Health advisor. 

We have insights into the new Aged Care framework and for our health practitioners, we have included the announcement of our new national partnership with CMH Practice Management, an allied health practice client story, plus our approach to developing a really useful Pharmacy Budget. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialist Health advisory, assurance and consulting team should you wish to discuss any of the ideas raised in this publication. 

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Family Law insider Articles

GP’s moving to the cloud”Case Study: Physio Group

By Phil DiCandilo (8 min read)

When Jasmine Hulls first considered buying a practice of her own, she knew she'd need a good financial advisor to help her navigate the business aspects.

In this case study, she describes her experience working alongside RSM's Phil DiCandilo. Continue reading

Your really useful pharmacy budget

By Kian Ghahramani  (9 min read)

Preparing a budget is a critical step in any business however a majority of business owners simply don’t prepare budgets for their business.

Learn why budgeting for your pharmacy is so important. Continue reading

Payroll tax risks to medical practices and allied health providers

By Michael O'Hehir & Young Han (7 min read)

If you own a medical or allied health practice that engages subcontractors, and you do not pay any payroll tax, you should be aware of two recent court cases.

In light of these recent cases, we are urging practice owners to review their arrangements with service providers. Continue reading

Health MattersRSM Australia and CMH Practice Management announce partnership

By Peter Nicol & Young Han (4 min read)

The partnership between RSM and Clinimetrix started when we identified a need to measure and monitor practice performance using practice data, rather than traditional qualitative data. This partnership seeks to place health care innovation at the forefront to assist business leaders in achieving their goals. Continue reading

Boosting Innovation in Healthcare

By Peter Saccasan (1 min read)

Coupled with Clinimetrix – a detailed medical intelligence platform offered by CMH Practice Management; our RSM medical specialists support practice owners in adopting a business model that allows for the establishment of a sustainable practice for the future. Continue reading

Bed Licenses”New framework concept for regulating aged care

By Ray Scott & Yin Wang  (4 min read)

On 8th Feb 2022, the government announced a concept paper that outlines a new, improved approach for regulating aged care. The introduction of the new framework aims to strengthen and enhance the protection and rights of older Australians. Continue reading


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