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Financial services for healthcare professionals

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Financial services for healthcare professionals


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We help healthcare professionals manage their personal finances and achieve their wealth goals.

Life can get extremely busy for people who work in the healthcare sector.

As a doctor, nurse, dentist, physiotherapist, vet or any other health professional, finding the time to take care of your own needs is never easy.

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Financial Services

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Restructuring and recovery for tax debt issues

Every day financial support

Whether you’re employed in the public health system or manage your own successful healthcare practice, you can rely on RSM to take care of your everyday financial needs.

Our goal is to keep your finances on track and make sure your obligations are met, so you have confidence in your financial position no matter what the future brings.

Restructuring and recovery for profitability

Wealth accumulation

Wealth accumulation applies to every area of your life, including:

  • effective budgeting
  • debt repayment
  • asset protection
  • strategic investing
  • insurances in the event of injury, illness or death (including income protection, business expense insurance, and buy sell agreements)

RSM’s specialist financial services team has experts in each of these areas, and can help you make informed decisions that align with your personal situation and goals.

We can also assist with philanthropy, and support you in establishing and maintaining a tax effective strategy with maximum impact.

Restructuring and recovery for tax debts


Make your money work harder with practical investment strategies and advice on how to maximise your superannuation benefits.

While the debt may seem insurmountable, it’s important not to ignore it as this often leads to a more dire situation. Instead, take a proactive approach to your personal or corporate tax issues, with support from our team who can assist you by:

Our team will work with you to understand what you want to achieve – be it early retirement or simply a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years – so we can design a strategy tailored to you. Ask how we can help:

  • establish a preferred risk profile to ensure your benefits are tailored to your risk tolerance and investment time frame
  • select a superfund
  • consolidate your superannuation
  • develop tax effective investment strategies for superannuation

We can also connect you with our self-managed superfund team if you need support to manage your SMSF investments and compliance obligations.

Restructuring and recovery for profitability

Retirement planning

Get strategies and advice on how to structure your assets to meet your income needs approaching and throughout retirement.We can assist in these areas:

  • establishing tax effective income streams to meet retirement needs
  • projections to determine if accumulated assets will meet income needs through to life expectancy
  • consideration of any potential Centrelink entitlements throughout retirement
  • assistance regarding aged care factors (if it applies)
Corporate Finance Services for the Health Sector

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A full suite of financial services

You can rely on RSM to support you with a range of financial services, backed by our strong reputation and 100-year history.

With 32 offices across Australia, our teams operate in metro and regional areas – partnering with big brand names through to small, rural community healthcare organisations to deliver onsite and remote support.

RSM insights for the Healthcare sector

8 Global healthcare trends driving health industry change in 2022

7 November 2022
What are the global healthcare trends driving industry change in 2022? We have collated contributions from across RSM’s global healthcare community – working with over 3,000 healthcare organisations - to examine the most impactful trends driving change across the health sector. For each trend, we’ve included the key considerations for healthcare leaders, to shape the debate on navigating the post-pandemic world.

There’s more to financial planning than just investment

7 December 2021
Financial planners are often the first port of call for people seeking advice on investing a lump sum of money. However, in terms of how an adviser adds value to a client’s circumstances, this is usually just the tip of the investment iceberg.

The Foundations of Successful Investing

10 November 2021
Establishing a successful investment portfolio can be likened to building a home.

Challenges Facing Retirees of the Future

13 October 2021
Most working Australians aspire to the idea that they’ll reach a point where they can retire debt-free and with enough money in superannuation and other investments – perhaps supplemented by the age pension – to provide them with a comfortable standard of living in retirement.

Planning for a retirement with care, dignity and respect

4 May 2021
The costs of Aged Care in Australia are projected to increase and greater emphasis on self-funding may be required moving forward. To ensure a high quality of care is accessible in the later stages of retirement, planning should be given at the outset of retirement, not left until it is too late.

Downsizer Contributions impact on the Age Pension

11 October 2019
By making downsizer contributions, it’s important to be aware of the impact this may have on your Centrelink entitlements such as the age pension or for self-funded retirees, the benefits under the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC).