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What has changed since we have been confronted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you a government department responsible for healthcare, a health related member organisation or body, or a general public health body?

Government, Healthcare & Community

In Australia, federal and local governments, the health system, mental health and community care services have seen a significant increase in workload and demand for their services. This has provided government and organisations with challenges and opportunities.

There has been an increased focus on our public hospitals, IT operating systems, processes and controls to meet the growing pressures and stakeholders' expectations.

Due to the pandemic, Australia has never been more reliant on accessible and affordable healthcare. Thus, it is imperative that the government and health service industry is at the forefront.


Jaime Lam

Jaime Lam
National Director, Healthcare & Community

T: +61 3 9286 8273
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Operating in this environment you need an adviser that understands the culture, procedures and policies associated with the sector. RSM is committed to assisting governments and healthcare providers deliver more efficient and effective health services.

Through our long standing industry experience, RSM can deliver a broad range of audit, tax and consulting services to meet the unique needs of healthcare department, providers, member organisations and policy makers and payers.

Our healthcare specialists have the technical skills and industry knowledge to provide practical advice and support across multi disciplines. We ensure a deep understanding of the risks associated with your business and identify areas of possible business process improvement.

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RSM Australia and CMH Practice Management's partnership to boost innovation and financial security in healthcare  

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Medical Research Future Fund

10 November 2021
The Research Data Infrastructure Initiative (RDII) forms part of the Australian Government’s $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF). $80 million over 8 years has been committed to the RDII and is targeting the creation or extension of national research data infrastructure.