RSM has 30+ offices around Australia.  The Business Advisory division deals with health practitioners and businesses every day. 

Specialist partners and principals across the firm are ready to provide industry-specific advice in relation to your business or practice problems.  With our strong understanding of your industry’s profile and key performance indicators, RSM is ideally placed to assist you in growing your practice or business and addressing the industry challenges as they arise

We have specialists in a number of key health industries as well as general health business experts who can help you navigate the business and tax issues.

Business Advisory Services for the Health Sector 

Our general business advisory team is also available to assist all healthcare professionals, with a strong expertise in providing the right tax structure for your health practice or business, managing cashflow and all other issues that a business owner might face.  And taking care of your tax risk and compliance issues is a given.

Learn more about RSM’s Business Advisory services and how we can meet your general business needs, in conjunction with the expertise in the health sector which we can bring to you.

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Having systems that create efficiencies and protect your data is an important platform for any business but especially in the health sector.  Patient data is key to the primary health function. It’s also data which is sought after by those with less than healthy intentions.

Health practitioners want to ensure their patient data is available to the practice when its needed and that the practice and office functions that revolve around it are connected and that the data is secure.

The Digital Advisory team can assist you make an impartial assessment of the available systems and ensure that you and your team are well-connected, and the practice is running smoothly. 


Our Health Services Cyber Security Package is a simple, quick and cost- effective approach to understanding andmanaging key cyber security risks within health practices and businesses. When designing the package, the focus was placed on covering the keys areas of cyber risk: people,   
process and technology. As a result, the package we have created covers a high- level security review, setting up of a user-based policy and associated training, and technology tools to help mitigate ransomware threats.

RSM, in collaboration with Menlo Security, offer a pro-active solution to shield your business from cyber threats. With Menlo Security's advanced isolation technology, we go beyond typical cybersecurity setups to keep your devices safe. By blocking web traffic from reaching your network, we give your organisation the power to stay ahead of evolving threats.

You can browse the web with confidence, knowing your devices are protected without sacrificing speed or user experience. RSM and Menlo Security are committed to leading the way towards a secure future.

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RSM Health Support


With our finger constantly on the pulse of what’s happening within healthcare, we’re able to offer timely and relevant support that provides assurance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.