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Mining & Resources


Companies in the mining sector face complex challenges – from securing funding for exploration and development to managing operations and ensuring compliance with multiple regulatory environments.

Mining and Resources Business Advice

At RSM, we work extensively with explorers, emerging mining companies and mining services organisations across the full spectrum of their activities. Our services range from external audits to risk governance, funding strategies including debt or equity arrangements, preparing for an IPO, tax compliance and incentives structuring, data analytics, and more.

Importantly, our diverse networks enable us to connect you with other contacts in the mining and resources sector to explore new opportunities and share ideas.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?


RSM services for mining & resources companies include:
Mining business advice


Partner with local and highly skilled advisors who can support you across the full spectrum of advisory, risk, tax and audit.


mining services


At RSM, we regularly work with a wide range of mining, oil and gas companies to help them secure the right source of funding to align with where they are in their organisation or project cycle.


mergers & acquisitions for mining companies

Mergers & acquisitions

We’ve helped many companies in the mining sector successfully undertake a merger or acquisition – from finding the right target to completing a seamless integration.


funding for mining and resources companies

Company Secretary Services

We offer services to support your Company Secretary and ultimately equip your mining organisation to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and assurance.


mining services

Mining Services

From cashflow forecasting to information technology, cyber-security and growth strategies – we understand the complex needs of businesses providing services to the Mining sector.


mergers & acquisitions for mining companies

Junior Explorer Services

We work closely with junior mining explorers to boost capital, assist with leveraging tax incentives and grants, and help with operational or compliance issues.


funding for mining and resources companies

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RSM offers Safe Harbour strategies

Part 2: Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive

9 May 2022
In the second instalment of this series, Belinda Crowley discusses the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI).

Explorer to Producer: Australia’s Mining Regeneration

3 May 2022
A report by RSM on Australia’s modern miners The pace of change, the range of issues faced by Australia’s new generation of exploration and development companies on their journey to production,and the outlook for the sector, are all explored in this report.

The WA Government has opened its new EIS round with increased funds

7 February 2022
The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) is reminding mineral exploration companies to submit applications for Round 25 of the Co-Funded Exploration Drilling Program which opened yesterday.  

How services to mining companies can achieve rapid connectivity in rural areas

27 January 2022
Once reserved for high-flying executives, the ability to work from anywhere is now commonplace for almost every worker in every industry.

2021 Control Premium Study: What it means for the metals and mining sector

19 November 2021
RSM Australia (RSM) has published its latest control premium study, undertaken in partnership with Curtin University, with the metals and mining sector showing a significant peak in the last 18 months against long-term averages.

Boost your mining company’s IT department with automation

19 November 2021
Particularly for junior explorers and services to mining companies, cutting unnecessary expenditure is key to sustainable operations and a healthy bottom line.

Rising pressure on mining companies to demonstrate ESG 

29 September 2021
With increased pressure from stakeholders, mining companies are often expected to demonstrate great care when it comes to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

How junior explorers can use tax incentives to boost cash reserves

8 April 2021
There is no question that despite the past year’s wild COVID-19 ride, Australia’s junior mining explorers have flourished in a market hungry for new mineral discoveries.