Benefitting from the competition under the NDIS

Competition is unavoidable when doing business within the post-NDIS environment, but this new pressure is not a bad thing, as it gives you the opportunity to improve. The fee-for-service funding model encourages organisations to better their services and transform themselves into the most attractive provider on the market. Competing with others will help you pinpoint your weaknesses, and find new opportunities to improve. In the end, both you and your clients will get something better than before.

So how will competition be good for you? Pressure encourages organisations to:

  • Improve service levels
  • Trim down and refine internal business operations
  • Focus on maximising client satisfaction
  • Maximise advantages and reduce inefficiencies
  • Innovate new tools and ideas for service delivery

The new environment gives organisations an opportunity to have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. Inefficiencies can be identified and overcome to ensure that programs and services are to be delivered at the best possible quality.

Often, it is not immediately clear which changes should be made and what investments are valuable in the long run. For some providers, utilising technologies to reduce administrative burdens may be critical to their success. For others, their top priority might be changing service design to meet clients’ future needs. Pinpointing the right solution tailored to your needs is critical to helping an organisation stand out against the competition. Working with staff and expert advisors willing to understand the qualities of your organisation will provide you with the advantage you need.

If you take the lead early, making the right changes and becoming competitive will help to keep yourself in business and your clients smiling. It is a choice to either keep your current operations exactly as they are or to re-engineer your business and improve your clients’ experiences. But no matter your choice, the environment is changing. The opportunities are waiting, and you can get ahead before the competition.