talkBIG is RSM's national video podcast, with our best experts providing fresh insights to make financial education accessible and entertaining.

Each episode will look at a topic from a range of perspectives, kicking things off with a panel discussion of the 2024-25 Federal Budget. 

Coming in Season 3 of talkBIG:

  • 2024 Federal Budget Analysis
  • When do you need to speak to a professional?
  • The biggest mistakes businesses make
  • And much more...

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 Meet the host

Andrew Sykes returns as talkBIG host, facilitating discussions amongst a broad range of RSM experts, including RSM's new in-house economist, Devika Shivadekar. 

This season features a fresh, video format with easy-to-digest chapters. You can expect to hear more of our distinctive straight-shooting opinions on all things financial, with episodes that entertain as well as educate.

The new season also features video content, with full episode transcripts and chapter breakdowns to make it easier to find specific tips. Also look out for our YouTube playlists, where you can watch all of the insights an individual expert has contributed across multiple episodes, back to back. 

Where can I watch the talkBIG podcast?

New episodes released monthly, available on your favourite podcast platform.  




Sit back and relax (or listen while you exercise) and get your hit of personal and business money talk.


Whether you're a financial geek, newbie, or looking to learn, the talkBIG podcast is for you. Setting you up to save, create and protect your wealth.


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