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Bankruptcy and business turnaround insights. Publications such as Restructuring Insights and Insolvency Reform.

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RSM offers Workplace assurance advice

RSM Partners Jerome Mohen and Greg Dudley appointed as the Voluntary Administrators to FIRM Construction Pty Ltd

6 December 2022
Expression of interest Sale of business and assets: Firm Construction

Using your small business as a bank can be taxing

28 November 2022
Cost of living in Australia is on the rise and the ATO has upped expectations on repayment compliance with an estimated

What does “positive culture” mean in a not-for-profit?

28 October 2022
In recent months, we’ve been exploring the connection between governance and culture as a potential cause for systemic issues that arise within some not-for-profit organisations.

What happens when you go bankrupt in Australia?

6 September 2022
What does life look like during or after bankruptcy in Australia?

Director Penalty Notice (DPN): Your questions answered

1 September 2022
As the ATO increases activity around the issuing of DPNs in 2022, it’s important to be aware of your rights and obligations in relation to tax debts.

What is good governance in a not-for-profit?

29 August 2022
As news of yet another debacle in an independent school (in this situation Sydney Church of England Anglican School known as Shore) is reported by the media, it would seem a deep discu

Liquidators issue update on collapse of Langford Jones Homes

25 August 2022
Liquidators appointed to collapsed Victorian-based building firm Langford Jones Homes have advised more than 400 creditors that there are presently insufficient assets to pay any money to the more than $20 million in creditors.   

Update on recent ATO activity and Director Penalty Notices

21 June 2022
You may have noticed increased media coverage of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently.  You might even have received a Director Penalty Notice (DPN) informing you of personal liability for company debt.

Financial distress and your mental wellbeing

13 June 2022
The impacts of financial distress are far-reaching and go well beyond a balance sheet. Learn more about your options here.

Why toxic culture and bullying exists in some not-for-profits

6 June 2022
From the outside looking in, a career or seat on the board with a non-profit would be a dream come true for many people – offering a valuable way to grow networks and skills while making a difference in a community they care about.

Director Penalty Notice: Next steps

27 May 2022
Help! I received a letter from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) warning of a possible director penalty notice (DPN) for unpaid company debt.

What to do if you are in financial difficulty

10 May 2022
Your cash flow has dried up. You have mounting debts. You aren’t sure if the government will provide more support. You don’t know what to do next. Your stress-levels are through the roof.

Business Crisis: Where to start?

10 May 2022
We continue to assist business owners to prepare and respond to crisis that may arise in their business.

5 insights from an Australian insolvency veteran

5 April 2022
David Kerr, RSM Partner in the Restructuring and Recovery division, has witnessed plenty of change since beginning his career in accounting in the early 1980’s.

RSM Business Protect Series – Do you need to wind up a solvent company?

1 April 2022
RSM’s Restructuring & Recovery team at Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast of NSW is seeing an increase in enquiries from members/shareholders seeking to minimise their tax burden, or safely bring their company to an end via a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation process.