Transaction advisory, due diligence, and M&A specialists in Sydney

Our transaction advisory team provide a full range of advisory services including M&A lead advisory, debt & capital advisory, due diligence, valuations, capital market and IPO support services and more.

If you require help with capital markets & IPO support services, commercial litigation & forensic accounting advice, debt & capital advisory, due diligence, financial modelling, mergers & acquisitions & divestments or sale & purchase agreement advisory, please get in touch with our Transaction Advisory team today. 

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We know and understand the deal making community

Comprehensive range of services

Client focused - every transaction is important to us.

Comprehensive national team of specialists

Indepth knowledge of the market

Global reach

As a national team, we offer a hands-on and truly partner-led service. 

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the market and offer pragmatic business advice tailored to suit your needs. 

From planning and executing capital market transactions to navigating regulatory change and complex accounting of an IPO process, we’re here to help, every step of the way.

  • Preparing the prospectus
  • Prepare & review forecasts
  • Corporate structuring
  • Forming part and assistance with the due diligence committee

During hard times we can be there for you. RSM are here to help you with forensic accountant services as well as commercial litigation & dispute resolution.

  • Valuations  
    Business interruption claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Post-acquisition disputes

RSM'steam of transaction advisory specialists provide key services, including valuations, acquisition and vendor due diligence, capital raisings and more.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Independent expert reports
  • Employee share and option plans

Debt & capital advisory.

  • Mligning capital management plans   
    with long term strategic objectives
  • Providing advice on bank   
    documentation, covenants and   
  • Expert financial modelling     


  • Financial, taxation, information technology, risk, cyber, privacy and human resources due diligence
  • Advising both buyers and sellers
  • Public and private transactions
  • Vendor due diligence services


  • Model building, consultancy and review/analytical evaluation
  • Wide experience of building transaction models for acquisitions
  • Operational models for divestments and spin offs


  • Clients range from private companies to large listed clients
  • Detailed buyer research and analysis
  • Sell side advisory
  • Leading negotiations
  • Project managements


  • Advising on the fundamentals of the deal at early stages
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Advising on accounting definitions


  • Tax integrated into all corporate finance offerings
  • Tax hub - specialist tax teams
  • Corporate structuring
  • Shareholder planning
  • Tax clearances
  • GST & employment taxes

As a national team, we offer a hands-on and truly partner-led service.
Our team has in-depth knowledge of the market and offer pragmatic business advice tailored to suit your needs.

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Considering going IPO?
Companies that have successfully listed on a stock exchange never forget that defining moment: the ringing of the bell. While it is an historic event in any company’s growth story, it is also one that requires significant work and commitment.

We provide advice from the very early stages of evaluating strategic options pre-IPO through to supporting growth after a business has listed. Whether you are a family-owned business, private equity or a venture capital-held company seeking to IPO, RSM can guide your company through the entire IPO process. 

RSM’s Going IPO is a handy guide that details the many steps involved.

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