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Cloud accounting

Few business owners would complain of having too much spare time. Finding those extra minutes or, if they are lucky, hours to work on the business other than day-to-day operations are the most crucial for a business’s long-term success.

Cloud accounting is able to provide just that

Cloud accounting is revolutionising not only how companies manage their accounts but also how accountants are able to maintain and access business intelligence. It is well past the 'new' stage with many mature products and services now available, offering world class, real time dashboards for your business at a relatively low entry cost.

We’ve already helped many businesses make the switch to the cloud. Don’t think that your systems are too unique, complex or different, because we’ll take the time to know the way you work and provide prompt, honest advice.

Hundreds of businesses that have already made the switch to the cloud are experiencing benefits of cloud accounting such as the ability to:

  • Access real-time financial information on hand be it from a café, lounge or hammock
  • Issue invoices on site and track payment electronicallyCloud accounting to give your time back in your day
  • Never needing to back up your data again 
  • Save time not having to transfer data files
  • Take orders at a trade show - directly into your system
  • Unshackle yourself from a single accounts computer
  • Have your updates and upgrades happen automatically
  • Your data is secure and always at hand - on desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet

Learn how cloud accounting can save you time and money

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Set your child care centre up for success by managing cash flow

One of the most common questions that an accountant is asked from the child care sector  is, 'So I made $150,000 last year; why don't I have another $150,000 in my bank account?' The answer is negative cash flow... 
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get thinkbig 2016 full Report Insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Australian SMEs

Budget 2016 for SMEs

Key announcements Increase in small business entity turnover threshold from $2 million to $10 million; Increase the unincorporated small business tax discount; Amendment to Division 7A to allow self-correction for inadvertent breaches.

QxBranch talks ‘digital disruption – the next revolution’ at RSM Finance Professional Symposium in Canberra

Shoal CEO and QxBranch founder, Shaun Wilson and QxBranch Executive Director, Dr Ray Johnson (appearing by video from Washington, DC), presented to the RSM Australia Finance Professional Symposium in Canberra last Thursday, 10 March.

10 things business owners should focus on in 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) forecast suggests the domestic economy will remain stable into 2016 and low interest rates are set to continue. [1]  This is likely to create some growth in consumption, which is good news for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Cool weather but hot topics

Manjimup district members of Master Builder' South West Branch recently attended the first in a planned series of updates on industry topics. Builders, suppliers, professionals and sub contractors from Manjimup and surrounds met at the town's Gateway Motel for presentations from RSM and RUIC Fire.

46 percent of SMEs planning to invest in the digital space

Disruptive technologies and innovation are accelerating the need for change and are having a profound impact on many traditional business models and their revenue streams. To compete effectively, businesses must adapt and evolve quickly to respond to what is becoming the new 'norm'.

Five steps a business should take in the digital age

Ways of doing business are changing fast in the modern world, and failing to keep up could cost you dearly. There are five key steps a business should be taking in the digital age should they wish to retain their competitive edge and not be left behind.