RSM Australia

GDPR Case study - IT and software

RSM firm: Netherlands
RSM contact: Rien Hommes

Bringing RSM’s ideas and insight – the work we carried outGDPR case study - IT and software

The software company received requests from some of their clients to become ISO27001 certified. The clients prescribed ISO27K certification as a new requirement for services of their suppliers to align to the new GDPR legislation, effective May 2018.

We hosted an ISO27K readiness-programme to ensure the company became ISO27K certified within six months.

Understanding our client – the benefits

The client set up the required control framework for information security under the NEN -ISO norm 27001. When the certificate was obtained, the company acquired a competitive advantage and has met the client’s requirements.

The company will also have a system in place for data security and privacy which is based on an internationally-accepted security standard.

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