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Risk Consulting

With the ever-changing landscape of threats that organisations continue to face, risk management services remain a priority for both board members and shareholders.Specialist risk advisory and technical expertise

The events of the global banking crisis through to recent cybercrime events demonstrate the importance of organisations identifying threats at an early stage and appropriately responding to these with risk management solutions.

At RSM, we specialise in working with organisations like yours.

Through our various risk consulting services, we can assist your organisation with successfully balancing risk and control to enhance the value that you deliver to your stakeholders.

Specialist Risk Consulting and technical expertise

We understand that organisations require support and guidance as you develop systems and processes to protect your business and its success. Our risk consulting consultants have market and sector expertise that, combined with specialist technical expertise and a leading edge approach to risk management, ensures your business is at the forefront of new approaches to managing risk.

At RSM, we offer a wide range of expert risk management services which include:


Working with key stakeholders in your business, we will scope out your existing offering or help to implement and integrate with existing systems. If you are looking to adopt blockchain into your business, we can conduct scenario planning exercises which will aid us to get a better understanding of any potential impacts to your organisation and implement any risk management solutions.

Enterprise risk management

Whether your organisation operates within a complex financial market, with unique products and services or in diverse technologies, our expert team understand the need for enterprise risk consulting solutions. Through years of experience, RSM can set a solid grounding for an effective enterprise risk management plan within your business.

Carbon sustainability risk consulting

With the uncertainty in the low-carbon economy in Australia, RSM brings together its skills, knowledge and resources to assist your business in becoming compliant with current legislations, as well as looking at your energy risk management solutions to ensure they can provide you and your clients with peace of mind.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed how businesses and individuals think about personal data, and the new regulation will drive more accountability for data protection across all organisations. Safeguarding any data you hold is imperative and the expert team at RSM can develop risk management solutions to protect you and your clients. 

To see how our team can help your company and to find out about all the risk management services we offer, contact RSM Australia today.

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