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Risk Consulting

With the ever-changing landscape of threats that organisations continue to face, risk management services remain a priority for both board members and shareholders.Specialist risk advisory and technical expertise

The events of the global banking crisis through to recent cybercrime events demonstrate the importance of organisations identifying threats at an early stage and appropriately responding to these with risk management solutions.

At RSM, we specialise in working with organisations like yours.

Through our various risk consulting services, we can assist your organisation with successfully balancing risk and control to enhance the value that you deliver to your stakeholders.

Specialist Risk Consulting and technical expertise

We understand that organisations require support and guidance as you develop systems and processes to protect your business and its success. Our risk consulting consultants have market and sector expertise that, combined with specialist technical expertise and a leading edge approach to risk management, ensures your business is at the forefront of new approaches to managing risk.

At RSM, we offer a wide range of expert risk management services which include:


Working with key stakeholders in your business, we will scope out your existing offering or help to implement and integrate with existing systems. If you are looking to adopt blockchain into your business, we can conduct scenario planning exercises which will aid us to get a better understanding of any potential impacts to your organisation and implement any risk management solutions.

Enterprise risk management

Whether your organisation operates within a complex financial market, with unique products and services or in diverse technologies, our expert team understand the need for enterprise risk consulting solutions. Through years of experience, RSM can set a solid grounding for an effective enterprise risk management plan within your business.

Carbon sustainability risk consulting

With the uncertainty in the low-carbon economy in Australia, RSM brings together its skills, knowledge and resources to assist your business in becoming compliant with current legislations, as well as looking at your energy risk management solutions to ensure they can provide you and your clients with peace of mind.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed how businesses and individuals think about personal data, and the new regulation will drive more accountability for data protection across all organisations. Safeguarding any data you hold is imperative and the expert team at RSM can develop risk management solutions to protect you and your clients. 

To see how our team can help your company and to find out about all the risk management services we offer, contact RSM Australia today.

Higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET)

RSM UK has recently undertaken an analysis of Risk Registers across Higher Education institutions. 

ASX corporate governance principles (fourth edition)

Culture, values and trust What's happening? The fourth edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles was released on 27 February 2019.

Capitalising on workplace culture

Over recent years we have strived to create resilient, high performing teams, fully engaged, agile, workforces and above-the-line actions to collaboratively achieve a future vision.

Are you ready for the Modern Slavery Act?

On 1 January 2019, the Modern Slavery Act (Cth) (hereafter “federal Act”) came into force. What this means is that Australia, following in the UK’s footsteps, has federal legislation which requires, among other things, certain entities to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operation and supply chains.

Cyber Security: The show me - don't tell me approach

The complexity and challenges presented by cyber security risks are both many and multi-dimensional.  However, there’s no single solution that is the panacea as organisations assess their cyber security risks.  The importance of adopting a strategic and holistic approach is more important than ever.

Maintaining data security: tips for franchisors and franchisees

Running a business in the digital age means that, on top of operational and customer delivery, there is another layer of complexity in the form of ensuring data security within your business is strong.

Are financial penalties effective?

With the release of the Banking Royal Commission (BRC)’s interim report, a fresh wave of consumer backlash against the big four banks has surfaced along with cries for retribution, condemnation and large financial penalties.

Are you ready to meet the challenges of the GDPR?

Digital advancements have resulted in consumer data being created, collected and stored within seconds. It is increasingly important to have clear laws and safeguards in place given the growing digital economy and associated cyber security risk.

Should auditors be responsible for detecting fraud?

An auditor is a watchdog, not a bloodhound...

Fraud & Forensics - the 'must knows' for business leaders

This month, Roger Darvall-Stevens, Partner and National Head of Fraud & Forensic Services at RSM, is featured in Financier Worldwide’s Corporate Fraud & Corruption Annual Review. In the feature, he talks about regulatory developments in Australia, fraud & corruption risks and offers advice to businesses on how to mitigate t

Are you up to date with the latest AASB standards?

New standards for classification and measurement of financial assets and liabilities have been in force since 1st January 2018.   Are you aware of how it will impact your business?

GDPR Case study - Online gaming

RSM firm: Malta RSM contact: Gordon Micallef Bringing RSM’s ideas and insight – the work we carried out

GDPR Case study - Sport

RSM firm: Belgium RSM contact: Steven Vermeulen

GDPR Case study - Healthcare

RSM firm: Belgium RSM contact: Steven Vermeulen Bringing RSM’s ideas and insight – the work we carried out RSM Belgium performed a compliancy analysis with Belgian Privacy legislation.

GDPR Case study - Charity

RSM firm: UK RSM contact: Steven Snaith Bringing RSM’s ideas and insight – the work we carried out We delivered a GDPR controls gap analysis for this organisation with a remit that included the following:

GDPR Case study - Insurance

RSM firm: Netherlands RSM contact: Maarten Mennen

GDPR Case study - Engineering

RSM firm: Ireland RSM contact: Terry McAdam

GDPR Case study - IT and software

RSM firm: Netherlands RSM contact: Rien Hommes

GDPR Case study - International NGO

RSM firm: Ireland RSM contact: Terry McAdam

GDPR Case study - Government

RSM firm: Netherlands RSM contact: Rien Hommes & Gerrit Goud

GDPR Case study - Aerospace

RSM firm: Germany RSM contact: Oliver Bungartz & Gregor Strobl

GDPR Case study - Financial Services

RSM firm: Ireland RSM contact: Terry McAdam

Assessing Governance - A Critical Step for Successful Change

Perhaps one of the absolute truisms is that we live in a changing world. 

How damaging is the KRACK Wi-Fi attack?

Mind the KRACK – How damaging is the KRACK Wi-Fi attack?

KRACK Wi-Fi exploit highlights core vulnerabilities of the internet

Mind the KRACK - How the KRACK Wi-Fi exploit highlights the core vulnerabilities of the internet.

Political bid to restore confidence in Murray Darling Basin Authority

Farmers need greater clarity around what constitutes ‘appropriate compliance’ with Murray Darling Basin Authority water use regulations, before the findings of a badly needed review initiated by the Turnbull government are made public later this year, warns RSM Australia.

Why the ‘Cyber-drill’ is now the new ‘fire drill’

RSM Australia was proud to recently sponsor a Boardroom Hypothetical presented by the around a major cyber incident.

The Chairperson has a critical role

RSM Australia was proud to recently sponsor a Boardroom Hypothetical around a major cyber incident.

Global ransomware outbreak

You will have noticed significant media coverage of an outbreak of ransomware globally which impacted 10,000 organisations in over 150 countries including Britain’s National Health Service and automaker Renault.

Unleash the power of whistleblowers in war on fraud

Rather than putting a black mark against them, Australian firms should recognise the power of whistleblowers as an early warning system in the fight against fraud and corruption.

Recent AML/CTF Updates: A KYC Game Changer

Fundamental changes to how reporting entities collect ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) information

Our services to the local government sector

RSM has a long history, both in Australia and overseas, of providing a wide range of value added services to local government.

Industry insight - Milk powder manufacturing

A snapshot of the key statistics and current industry performance in the milk powder manufacturing sector.

Why security shouldn’t be a spectator sport in your organisation in 2016

There are many organisatons with a gap in their risk management strategies that is affecting the security of sensitive and private information according to RSM Australia.

C-Suite's dirty little fraud secret

Fraud by CEOs, CFOs and others in the ‘C-suite’ is a dirty little secret which is rarely discussed but happens with disturbing regularity. It is one of those once in a lifetime events that seem to happen regularly!

Managing change at board and executive level

RSM recently held a lunch featuring a panel including Paula Dwyer, Professor Judith Sloan and Fiona McGauchie with Catherine Walter as MC to discuss how to manage change at board and executive level. This is a synopsis of the event.

Managing the risk of forged degrees and diplomas

Recent media has reported that there is considerable risk of forged degrees and diplomas entering Australian employment markets visa sophisticated, off-shore forgery businesses offering them at a premium fee.

Government entities: corruption risk management and an integrity framework

Government (at the Commonwealth, state or territory, local levels with municipal councils, and agencies and other government entities) has been leading the way in mitigating the risks of fraud, bribery, corruption and improper conduct.

Emissions Reduction Fund auction – what’s next for Australian businesses looking to participate

New methodologies likely to be approved before the next Emissions Reduction Fund auction will open up opportunities for more businesses and industries to participate, but they must act now, according to RSM.

The importance of risk management in today’s digital business environment

Businesses must put the right security and processes in place to remain safe and sustainable, particularly in today’s changing business environment. There are many factors to consider from a risk perspective, and getting it right is critical.

Victorian state budget review 2015

The bottom line The Victorian budget 2015-16 continues the prudent management of Victoria’s budget and the key goal of maintaining our AAA credit rating. The budget shows a projected surplus of around $1.2bn for 2015-16. This is on the back of an expected surplus of around $1bn for 2014-15.