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blockchain is also known as cryptocurrency
Developed as the underlying technology behind the peer-to-peer electronic cash system called bitcoin, also known as cryptocurrency, the blockchain, is a gigantic digital ‘distributed ledger technology’ (DLT) where all transactions are tracked and open for all to see.

Blockchain’s peer-to-peer network – this means it operates without a central server - is that online payments effectively function outside the world’s traditional banking systemblockchain is also known as cryptocurrency.

The implications of this are enormous.

When Blockchain was first developed almost a decade ago, there was a significant gap between the initial hype about its promise to revolutionise business and the tardiness with which it’s been embraced globally. What makes blockchain a potential game-changer for doing business, both locally and within a global economy, is its ability to recognise, store and transfer value like never before. Blockchain is first and foremost about value.

The team at RSM can assist with the following Blockchain services, to help you determine whether it is the right fit for you and your business’ needs:

  • Scope planning
  • Risk management and risk reduction
  • Implementation and integration with existing systems
  • Tax advice and compliance
  • Scenario planning: Conducting scenario planning exercises to get a better understanding of the potential impact of blockchain on your organisation.
  • How enterprise structures must evolve to support blockchain
  • How regulations and standards will change to support blockchain
  • The risk management issues for the implementation of smart contracts

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