case study

Case Study: South Pacific Laundry

16 February 2021
Ready to expand their client base and actively target a new market segment, South Pacific Laundry engaged RSM’s experienced business advisers to test assumptions, evaluate viability, and fortify their expansion strategy.

Case Study: Macrolink

1 February 2021

Case Study: Vert Design

16 December 2020
Vert Design was founded in 2005 by Andrew Simpson as a design consultancy specialising in product development. Vert Design currently has eight industrial designers that form part of the team and the business boasts an extensive and wide product portfolio, from more common consumer products such as sunglasses, bottles, eyewear and

Case study: Woodlea

3 December 2020
Woodlea has had a clear goal for the last seven years: as a fully integrated master planned community, provide people in the west of Melbourne with wonderful, affordable homes, along with opportunities like employment, education, retail, commercial, and community services. THE CHALLENGE

Case study: Fidem Property Group

19 November 2020

Case Study:

14 September 2020 provides a turnkey Industrial IoT solution for remote data acquisition from your buildings into your business systems.

Case Study: Six8 Pty Ltd

30 April 2020
Six8 is one of the new and unique players in the sharing economy space with the vision to make live music accessible for everyone.

Case study: Dial Before You Dig

29 June 2018
"What I like about RSM is that they are a really easy company to deal with and they’ve taken the time to understand our business and their breadth of expertise across the country and they’ve really made our life a lot easier".   Ben Howell, Chief Executive Officer

Case study: Rilow Property Group

27 June 2018
In less than 10 years, founder of RILOW Property Group Richard Whitehead has done what some property developers can only dream of achieving in a lifetime.

Case study: McNab

21 June 2018
"What I find dealing with the firm is that they are real people, they really understand the construction industry. I think that’s a very important part of what they offer to me and the business at McNab.

Case study: UFS Dispensaries

18 June 2018
“We have an excellent working relationship with RSM, in particular with the audit team. It is an open and frank relationship and it is definitely a high trust relationship.

Case study: Gravity Consulting

30 May 2018
The age-old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words rings true to the revolutionary work that Canberra’s Gravity Consulting has pioneered and is fast becoming renowned for around the world.

Case study: SeneGence International

22 May 2018
"It's absolutely critical and key for us to be partnered with somebody that can understand all the intricacies of setting up the financials and business structure and so forth in all territories, and to have one partner that can reach all those territories and give us a blueprint for each of those

Case Study: Hansen Technologies

16 May 2018
Hansen Technologies (Hansen), an ASX 300 listed entity, is a leading global provider of customer care, billing software and data management systems.

Case study: Orgadata

26 June 2017
“Australian tax laws are very different to any other tax laws, so for us it was a completely new journey. RSM helped us understand these rules and the best way to work within them”.  - Joost Bouten, National Manager Australia.

Case study: Darlington Dental

25 June 2017
“Despite RSM being a large company it’s great to get an individual guide me through financial navigation yet still have a huge team behind them with the best information and resources possible,” Karl Bailey, Owner of Darlington Dental practice.

Case study: MPowerU

11 June 2017
“We wanted to engage with someone who has dealt with the bigger businesses but still has the small business mindset and approach towards their client”. - Giulio Montini, Owner of  MPowerU Electrical

Case study: Peel Scape Solutions

7 June 2017
“It’s good to get answers from guys who have seen and helped other businesses grow - their advice is invaluable”  - Paul Holdom, Owner/ Director of Peel Scape Solutions

Case study: Fender Katsalidis Architects

18 May 2017
“When meeting with RSM there was that instant moment and connection that the relationship will work as they were genuinely interested in our business model and also what we do and why we do it" Mark Murphy, Director of Practice, Fender Katsalidis Architects 

Case study: Whizz Technologies

11 May 2017
“Although it’s one of the largest accounting firms in Australia, they treat us as though it’s a start-up themselves with very, very personalised service” Mark Bernberg, Founder and Director, Whizz Technologies

Case study: Porter Davis Homes

30 November 2016
“The ease with which we do business is a big tick box – supportive as well as providing the right advice. Our willingness to recommend RSM as an organisation would be absolute”. - Paul Wolff, Director Sales and Marketing, Porter Davis Homes

Case study: Oz Trees

6 July 2016
Mark Prascevic, owner of Oz Trees in Colac, Victoria, has experienced the highs and lows of owning and operating a native plant business.

Case study: Nature's Food World

6 July 2016
“The service from RSM was beyond unbelievable and the team adds significant value to the business. Knowing RSM has Nature’s Food World’s best interests at the forefront of the advice they give is a key benefit.” - Karla Gartshore, Founder

Case study: Elliotts Group

6 July 2016
Founded in 1961, Elliotts Landscape Supplies grew out of the timber industry in Tumut, New South Wales. The company grew strongly and was soon known to provide quality landscape and building supplies throughout Australia.

Case study: Hutcheon and Pearce

1 January 2015
The global population is expected to total more than 9 billion by 2050 and farmers will need to double their agricultural output while using the same amount of land, water and other resources. This challenge is one that General Manager of Hutcheon and Pearce, Arron Hutcheon, is ready to play a part in.

Case study: Wills Domain

1 January 2015
Margaret River in Western Australia is Australia’s premium wine region. The region has weather moderated by the Indian Ocean and lots of sunshine.

Case study: Pindari

1 January 2015
The vital and booming resources sector in Western Australia generates more than $100bn a year in revenue and inspires tens of billions of dollars in new resource investments. Pindari is one company that has swiftly grown from strength to strength through the boom.

Case study: Organisational Learning Australia

1 January 2015
Organisational Learning Australia is dedicated to supporting the VET and community services sectors through nationally-accredited vocational education and training to diploma level, expert registered training organisation (RTO) consulting and advice services, and personal

Case study: Datatel Communications

1 January 2015
"In the past we’d considered changing our company structure to employ an operations manager to look after the day-to-day running of jobs and the team of technicians, but with RSM's strategic plan we fast tracked that and now we’ve got Michael, our new operations manager.

Case study: Avondale Farm

1 January 2015
2014 marked a significant milestone for 2012 NSW Farmers of the Year Peter and Alison Campbell.  Over 100 years ago Peter’s grandfather started farming 640 acres (260 hectares) 17 kilometres west of Henty, near Albury in the Eastern Riverina area.

Case study: ADG Prestige Builders

1 January 2015
“RSM offers strategic advice particularly when it comes to managing finance. I will be looking to Ray and the team in the next five years to provide advice on the best way to finance the business to sustain growth”. - Adam Guilmartin, Owner