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Property and Development Series

Property and Construction Series

RSM has been providing accounting, taxation and advisory services to clients operating in the Australian property industry (property development and construction, property management and property investment), for many years.

Throughout that time, we have seen a wide variety of property transactions, each with their own issues and complexities. From this experience, we have sought to shed light on the top five mistakes to avoid for those in the property development industry.


Adam Crowley
National Leader, Property and Construction

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This 5-part publication contains the following articles:



Issues with NSW Stamp Duty

21 April 2020
Having surveyed those in the property development industry for many years, the only thing that developers seem to dislike more than paying stamp duty, is paying stamp duty twice on the same property.

Dealing with GST

8 April 2020
For most businesses operating in Australia, GST is fairly straight forward. As many of our clients are quick to remind us, ‘you just add 10%.' 

How to structure property development?

8 January 2020
Changes in Purpose Typically, property developers will aim to structure a property development with one of three desired outcomes in mind:

Funding your property development

17 October 2019
For many developers, the question that inevitably arises is how the property development should be (or could be) funded.

How legal structures have a far-reaching impact on your property development

9 July 2019
Determining the best structure for your property development can get complex.

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Property and Construction Series