Assistance with bookkeeping and day-to-day administration

Assistance with bookkeeping regardless of size and with great flexibility 

Perhaps your business is so small that you cannot afford to hire a full-time accountant or maybe it has grown so fast that you have not been able to keep up with the hiring process. At RSM Denmark we can help you keep complete track of your bookkeeping no matter the size and design of your business.   

Keep track of your bookkeeping – we will manage the paperwork 

The most important thing for us is that our costumers feel safe. If you are unsure whether we are the right match for you, we offer a free start-up-meeting. With a start-up meeting we can accommodate any wishes and potential concerns you may have. 

Contact us and get a free non-binding offer. We can offer you: 

✔ Leave your entire bookkeeping to our experienced accountants in Business Service  

✔ Outsource parts of your bookkeeping and continue to manage the tasks that provide value  

✔ We offer a security check of your performed work  

Book a free start-up meeting   

Safely hand over your bookkeeping  

Thinking of outsourcing your bookkeeping? At RSM Denmark we have access to the newest bookkeeping programs as well as the best educated employees and can thereby effectively help you with the daily challenges of bookkeeping. Our employees can make use of digitization and automation of processes and thus efficiently solve the task.  

We ensure that your company complies with current legislation including bookkeeping-, VAT-, company- and tax laws.  

RSM Denmark can help with the following tasks: 


  • Bookkeeping of received supplier invoices and establishment of payment proposals in online banking 
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and other relevant accounts 
  • Filing and payment of wages  
  • Prepare invoices and press for receivables  

Reconciliation and reporting: 

  • Reconciliation of creditors for bank statements 
  • Reconciliation and reporting of VAT and energy taxes 
  • Reconciliation of salary and outstanding payables    
  • Reports of wage reimbursement  
  • Reports to public authorities  
  • Reconciliation of fixed assets and calculation of depreciation 
  • Preparation of budget follow-up for the result, balance sheet and cash flow      
  • Preparation of financial and management reporting – adapted to the needs of the company 
  • Sparring and optimization of the company 

Together we draw up the solution that is right for you based on the needs of your company. We ensure that you continuously have an overview of the company's operations, receivables, obligations and cash flow, as well as comply with reporting requirements to the authorities, such as with wages and VAT. 

External accountant or at your company address  

As an alternative to using a freelance accountant or hiring an accountant, RSM Denmark can offer experienced accountants with high professional competency. The work can be done at our office or at the company address.  
This reduces vulnerability to lengthy illness, severance, vacation, parental leave etc.  

Outsource parts of your bookkeeping – Get a customized solution   

We can draw up a solution for your bookkeeping that matches your company’s specific needs. With our help, you ensure that you will always comply with current legislation and have full control over your accounts, billings, payments and finances. This way, you can concentrate solely on running your business while we take care of the rest. 

We offer our expertise in accounting and can customize the bookkeeping according to your needs. With this solution you are still involved in your bookkeeping and will gain a financial understanding which is one of the core parts of the development of your business. We are available with sparring and advice so you can make the best choices.   

Alternative to hiring a part-time accountant  

This can be an excellent alternative for those considering a part time accountant. You do not have to think about lengthy illness, severance, upskilling of employee, holiday etc. Here RSM has experienced accountants with high professional competency at your disposal for the needs you may have - here flexibility is possible if there is a need to adjust the number of hours in relation to the tasks. This can be in relation to growth or if your business is characterized by seasonal fluctuations.   

Security check for the conducted bookkeeping  

Many self-employed people want to save on the cost of assistance for accounting and carry out the entire or parts of the bookkeeping themselves. This makes perfect sense if you have the time and the resources needed for an insight into the finances of your business. But you should consider whether this is the best way to spend your time as a business owner. 

There can be many challenges in ensuring that you comply with the necessary legislation in areas such as the bookkeeping, VAT, Withholding Tax and Companies act. If you do not comply with legislation, unpleasant surprises may occur when you get an accountant to prepare the company's financial statements. 

We therefore recommend an ongoing review of your bookkeeping every month or quarter. At RSM, we review your bookkeeping and  

  • Verify that you get correct deductions for VAT and energy taxes 
  • Check the filing of tax reports, including the tax account 
  • Check reconciliation of bank accounts 
  • Check reconciliation of pay 
  • Check reconciliation and recovery of receivables 
  • Check reconciliation of liabilities  
  • Check reconciliation of stock in trade or work in progress  
  • Check reconciliation of fixed asset depreciation  

In connection with our review, we are happy to provide training in correct accounting reconciliation so that you can conduct the reconciliation yourself going forward or assist with statements and reconciliation according to your wishes. At RSM, we therefore act as a sparring partner who will see progress in your company. In the beginning of our collaboration, we review your normal procedures in accounting, and are happy to make suggestions for improvements based on our experience, which ensures that your everyday life gets easier.  

In connection with the preparation of annual accounts, the normal procedures in the accounts are reviewed in advance. By changing the annual review to ongoing statements, savings are made in the preparation of the accounts. This can therefore be carried out without significantly more costs for the company, as well as ensure a higher quality of the ongoing accounting. 

Save time on bookkeeping  

If you get our help with your bookkeeping, we ensure that you are never behind on your bookkeeping and that you comply with all valid accounting laws. We will take over your bookkeeping. We customize the package to you and find out who makes invoices for your customers, who makes payment to your suppliers, etc. 

This gives you more time to focus on value-adding activities for your company and your own customers while we take care of your accounts. 

Most self-employed people have not chosen to become self-employed to spend a lot of time doing office work with billing, payment of invoices, payroll reporting, VAT and other reports to the public sector. At RSM, we have the systems and employees who can make the task easier for you and ensure that you have the bookkeeping under control. This allows you to spend your time on the things that you are interested in. 

Over the years, companies have built up procedures for processing e.g. sales, purchases, wages and ongoing reconciliations. Today, there are tools that can replace much of the manual work in connection with registrations in the bookkeeping. We can help you analyze, select, and implement tools that can provide significant savings in daily accounting. 

The positive effect for you as a business manager will be an updated accounting where you can continuously follow financial developments and make decisions on an informed basis. This also allows for an ongoing optimization of earnings, where you can see the effect in subsequent accounting periods.  

Why choose RSM as your bookkeeper? 

At RSM we have access to the latest accounting programs as well as the best trained employees, whereby we can effectively help you with the daily challenges of accounting. Our employees can use digitization and automation of the processes, which is essential for correctly and efficiently solving the task. 

Through his training and experience, a chartered accountant has acquired a great deal of knowledge of the legislation underlying the company's accounting. We ensure that your company complies with valid laws, including e.g., the bookkeeping, VAT, Withholding Tax and Companies Act. 

At RSM, we have extensive experience with tax and VAT, which means that we can easily answer any tax and VAT questions that may arise. Should the need arise, we have access to several experts in the field, where we can jointly answer your questions as soon as possible. 

At RSM, we have the necessary experience and competence to prepare reliable ongoing reporting that can be used in your company, so that you can continuously see your results and other financial conditions. In addition, the reporting is prepared according to the rules of the Danish Financial Statements Act, which are used in connection with the preparation of your annual accounts. This creates recognizability and credibility for your reporting at e.g., the bank and/or board of directors. 

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