Phase 1 Re-opening - Safe Management Measures

To prepare for the safe re-opening of our office premises on 2 June 2020, and to provide a safe working environment for our staff and visitors, we have:

  1. Completed a major exercise to clean and sanitise the common high traffic flow areas, and washed the carpets in the office
  2. Installed air treatment devices that will lower airborne and surface bacteria and viruses in the reception area and client meeting rooms
  3. Installed a face recognition temperature scanner to record temperatures digitally, with minimal physical contact
  4. Put in place a comprehensive set of Safe Management Measures which are aimed at:
    1.  Reducing physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at work
    2. Facilitating contact tracing
    3. Protecting staff with personal protective equipment and reminding them of good personal hygiene practices
    4. Ensuring cleanliness of workplace premises
    5. Managing potential cases through health checks and protocols     


         5.Split our staff into teams to work on rotation, and for those who are returning to office, to stagger work and lunch hours 

Enclosed are some guidance to our staff with respect to staying safe in our office and at our clients’ premises:

Stay safe @ Work

Staff Working at Clients’ Premises

Safe Management Officers have been appointed to ensure adherence. Staff, clients and visitors can be assured that utmost care has been taken to ensure the well-being of everyone in our office. 

We will continue to be vigilant, practise and even go beyond the recommended protocols and measures where possible.