We offer a range of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting and assurance services to meet your needs at various stages of business growth.


What is ESG?

ESG, usually synonymous with sustainability, is an acronym for environmental, social, and governance issues, forming the three pillars of a holistic and sustainable corporate strategy. It demonstrates how businesses contribute to societal well-being and assesses their readiness for climate change. ESG reporting is an essential way for companies to communicate and showcase their commitment to the organisation's core values.


Why should ESG be important to you?


Minimise long-term risks

Growth opportunity

Appeal to investors

Organisations can identify and minimise climate-related material risksOrganisations can assess their ESG performance and perform benchmarking to strengthen business strategiesWith transparent performance reports, organisations are better able to attract sustanabiility-conscious investors.


Long-term loyalty

Improved branding

Integrating ESG in business fosters more efficient practices that drive down operating costs and carbon footprint.ESG principles prioritise sustainable, long-term growth that can help organisations build the trust of investors.Organisations can brand themselves with a strong ESG culture and attract talents passionate in doing good.






No two businesses are at the same point in their ESG journey.  

We conduct maturity assessments and gap analyses to help businesses understand their ‘position’ and take stock of what needs to be done to reach their goals.

 Businesses need to establish practical ESG processes that not only align with values standards but also drive the right actions from the ground up.   

We can assist companies in quantifying their emissions impact and evaluating their other social and environmental initiatives to reach a desired state. Additionally, we help formulate plans for gradual decarbonisation over time.

 What can’t be measured can’t be achieved. Monitoring ESG initiatives, coupled with a good handle on the data involved, will help align expectations with the current sustainability reporting matrix.  

We assist companies in visualising and creating ESG dashboards to support sound and holistic governance reporting on sustainability matters. 



ESG Maturity

Reporting & External Assurance

ESG Process and Review

Target Setting and Scenario AnalysisDecarbonisation StrategiesUpskilling and Capability Building


ISSB Disclosure Standards

On 26 June 2023, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) published its highly anticipated disclosure standards, which cover general sustainability concerns (IFRS S1) and climate disclosures (IFRS S2).

In this article by Eco-Business, experts weigh in on the impact these standards will have on businesses in Asia and explore the potential opportunities and challenges it may present, especially for smaller companies and those in emerging markets.

Suggesting a way forward for companies to embrace sustainability reporting, RSM Singapore Partner Dennis Lee shares, “Despite existing government efforts to train up more sustainability professionals who are able to translate complex technical jargon from taxonomies and standards into something that business owners can more easily appreciate, there continues to be an undersupply of such people to go around…There may need to be a lighter version, versus the more full-blown version, in order to get people on board."

ESG Maturity Assessment

A crucial aspect of the ESG journey involves establishing your organisation’s priorities. This process entails evaluating your organisation’s current position and maturity in the realm of sustainability and ESG. Additionally, it involves assessing the positions of key stakeholder groups, such as customers, suppliers, regulators and employees, and assessing the progress of industry peers toward their stated ESG goals.

Our ESG Maturity Assessment can help you identify key ESG disclosures which your organisation may need to adhere to and assess where you are on your journey in relation to quantifying ESG within your operations.

Sustainable Finance

Singapore's rise as a preeminent wealth management hub in Asia hinges on a powerful trifecta: robust regulations, strategic tax benefits, and a forward-thinking approach to sustainable investing. Explore how ESG factors shape the financial sector and contribute to Singapore's prominence as a leader in wealth management.

ISSB Sustainability Disclosures Report

ISSB Sustainability Disclosures Report

As sustainability takes center stage and Singapore moves towards adopting the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) disclosure standards, businesses must prepare for mandatory sustainability reporting.

Explore the "5 Whats and 5 Hows" of these global standards in our report to understand their impact on your business and pave the way for a greener, more responsible future.

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