Data Science Case Studies

Read the latest data science case studies from RSM.

Case study 5: Natural language processing for sentiment analysis

11 November 2020
Numerical ratings directly provided by consumers can be unreliable as there is a human tendency to overrate. Using NLP techniques, our clients can form a better understanding of the true sentiments felt by their customers over time.

Case study 4: Text analytics - fuzzy matching

11 November 2020
With the deployment of this programme, staff no longer need to manually match the bank records and match it with the accounting entry before updating it. The solution can reconcile information more accurately and quickly, leaving the staff to concentrate on higher-value work.

Case study 3: Artificial intelligence analysis of a hotel business

11 November 2020
This work demonstrated that untapped potential of using data and artificial intelligence can derive powerful insights that even experienced hoteliers might not be aware of. With the newly acquired insights, our client can now have a deeper understanding of their business as well as to make better business decisions, for example, improving their pricing strategies and enhancing long-term branding.

Case study 2: Automated reconciliation and report generation

11 November 2020
Our client operates a business that requires several monthly reports to be prepared and presented for each of its business units.  Our solution boosted the efficiency of our client’s monthly reporting process and the accuracy of their business reports. The tedious and time-consuming task of report generation was delegated to the software and the staff only needed to focus on validating the reports and verifying the discrepancies. This freed up their resources for higher-value work.

Case study 1: Automated solution to extract and analyse data from investment management reports

11 November 2020
Our client owns multiple investment portfolios managed by different asset managers. Every month, each asset manager would issue a monthly report in PDF format. With this new automated system in place, it boosted the efficiency of financial and accounting operations (along with performance tracking and management reporting) by more than 90%.