Understand the past, present and future of medical innovations and digital technology in the Australian healthcare industry.

Medical innovations have been a part of healthcare since time immemorial. From herbal painkillers and wooden teeth to antiseptic and vaccines, the history of healthcare is one marked by progressive knowledge and technology that constantly evolves and seeks to better itself.

In our 100 years of operating in Australia, RSM has supported countless health sector practitioners, manufacturers, service providers and organisations. This report represents part of the wealth of industry experience and knowledge RSM have accumulated which enables us to provide relevant insights into building a resilient healthcare business.

Healthcare is always changing – and that’s a good thing! At RSM, we are constantly excited and inspired by some of the massive improvements technology has brought to the health sector. These changes bring new opportunities, new models of care, new victories over disease, improved quality of life and a longer lifespan. They make us hopeful for the future, and we look forward to seeing more exciting innovations as this century unfolds.


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