RSM Australia


The Australian health sector is a significant part of the Australian economy, accounting for almost 10% of gross domestic product.
The health sector is a complex industry sector, comprising a vast number of industries each with their own unique challenges.

We have been working with the health sector in Australia to achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives for over 90 years. We work closely with professionals in various health sectors, regularly consulting with industry panels to ensure that we are across the latest developments and opportunities. 

Our health specialist services include: Health

  1. Industry-specific services based around our knowledge of particular health sectors
  2. Accompanying taxation, wealth creation, asset protection and cash flow management advice that takes into account our understanding of your industry.

Case study: Darlington Dental

“Despite RSM being a large company it’s great to get an individual guide me through financial navigation yet still have a huge team behind them with the best information and resources possible,” Karl Bailey, Owner of Darlington Dental practice.
25 June 2017

Federal Budget brings relief for some doctors

The government was keen to assure Australians that there will be better certainty when it comes to health funding, with the Budget seeing a $10 billion allocation re-invested over four years into the health care system. Unfreezing Medicare Rebates
16 May 2017

How healthy is your medical practice?

“There are two certainties – death and taxes. As a medical practitioner you help your patients delay one of these. As accountants, we can help you manage the other. ”
16 November 2016