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Assurance, Risk Advisory and Consulting

RSM’s experienced team in servicing hospitals provide tailored insights, allowing your organisation to make critical decisions with confidence.

The public hospitals are experiencing volatility because of the pandemic. The cost of the pandemic is creating budgetary constraints for the Government. With increasing regulation, an ageing demographics, strong media interest, and the impact of new technologies within the sector we continue to assist our clients to meet their objectives.

Hospitals advice at RSM

Taking a holistic approach to managing the quality of healthcare is becoming the focal point across the hospital sector. The challenge of managing multiple dimensions, means that hospitals need to have robust accounting systems, operational processes and controls to support Boards in managing a complex risk environment.

Finding the right balance between governance, providing quality healthcare and administratively managing operations, is critical to the sustainability of each entity and the sector.

At RSM, our hospital specialists have the technical skills and industry knowledge to provide practical advice and guidance to better manage your risks and take advantage of opportunities. Our industry-specific solutions are based on local, national and international experience partnering with those operating in the hospital sector.


Jayesh Kapitan
National Director, Hospitals

E: [email protected]
T:+61 3 9286 8000

How can we help you?

Our national team can help you no matter where you are located:

Assurance, Risk Advisory and Consulting

Be confident in our knowledge and experience

Our dedicated team has worked with over 35 public hospitals across the country. This practical experience and sector knowledge enables us to create robust insightful solutions that effectively empower you to meet the current and future needs of an ever-changing landscape.

We can support you with the following:

  • budgeting and cash flow
  • clinical governance
  • contracts and procurement
  • financial planning and efficiency
  • fraud advice and investigations
  • internal audit
  • IT, information systems and project assurance
  • data analytics - performance improvement and benchmarking
  • risk and governance
  • employment tax advice


RSM insights for the Healthcare sector

The Big 3 for Medical Practitioners: Interest, tax and superannuation

15 November 2022
In the current environment of high inflation and increasing interest rates, there is no better time to review your costs.

8 Global healthcare trends driving health industry change in 2022

7 November 2022
What are the global healthcare trends driving industry change in 2022? We have collated contributions from across RSM’s global healthcare community – working with over 3,000 healthcare organisations - to examine the most impactful trends driving change across the health sector. For each trend, we’ve included the key considerations for healthcare leaders, to shape the debate on navigating the post-pandemic world.

Health Business Matters - How data analytics can improve decision making in the health sector

3 October 2022
In the first episode of Health Business Matters, Peter Saccasan interviews Charlie Farah from Qlik (Analytics and Data Integration Platform) and Matt Cunneen from RSM Australia. They discuss how data analytics can provide critical insights to help health business practitioners identify the best decisions in health care organisations. These insights can inform your decisions regarding patient care, staffing levels and future planning, ensuring that resources are properly allocated to optimise outcomes.

Stay ahead of the curve with AI in your medical practice

5 July 2022
Every industry has experienced significant change over the past decade thanks to advancing technology.

Insurance for health professionals: 5 dos and don'ts

14 June 2022
As a doctor, pharmacist, dentist, or allied health professional, your days are spent caring about the health and wellbeing of others.

The Pulse | Edition 3

9 June 2022
This edition has several highlights including connections to our RSM Service Lines and their Health Sector specialists. We have insights into the new Aged Care framework and for our health practitioners, we have included the announcement of our new national partnership with CMH Practice Management, an allied health practice client story, plus our approach to developing a really useful Pharmacy Budget. 

Payroll tax risks to medical practices and allied health providers

25 March 2022
If you own a medical or allied health practice that engages subcontractors, and you do not pay any payroll tax, you should be aware of these two recent court cases.

Risk Insider Newsletter - Edition #11

14 March 2022
We hope that this edition of the Risk Insider finds you well. The current circumstances that we are faced with are unprecedented and devastating. We want to take this opportunity to extend our support to any businesses that have been affected during this time

RSM Australia and CMH Practice Management announce partnership

2 March 2022
RSM Australia and CMH Practice Management's partnership to boost innovation and financial security in healthcare  

Supercharging healthcare innovation through government grants and incentives

23 February 2022
Australia’s flagship investment into encouraging local innovation has just celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Health Matters: Using data to drive personalised care, better patient outcomes, and reduce costs

20 January 2022
The pandemic means the health sector has had its most challenging and transformative year ever. In 2020 we saw an increased collaboration between hospitals, social care organisations and the supporting ecosystems of private and public sector organisations to fight coronavirus. 

Rapid Antigen Tests – Tax deductibility myths debunked

4 January 2022
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the media in recent days that rapid antigen tests (RATs) for COVID-19 are 'tax deductible'. 

GPs moving to the cloud; not as many roadblocks as you think?

17 December 2021
There is real value in data sharing, real-time collaboration, and interoperability. The modern GP is facing an unprecedented fast-paced world.

Medical Research Future Fund

10 November 2021
The Research Data Infrastructure Initiative (RDII) forms part of the Australian Government’s $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF). $80 million over 8 years has been committed to the RDII and is targeting the creation or extension of national research data infrastructure.

Tips for managing risk through and after COVID-19

2 November 2021
Many organisations are engaged in discussions about COVID-19 and its implications from a risk management perspective.