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Understanding the SMSF Financials: 3 key things to remember

5 April 2022
Members, Tax, Assets – huh? For many, understanding superannuation financials, member statements and different accounting policies is a complication you would rather avoid.

Staying on top of our Cyber Hygiene

1 December 2021
One of the implications of COVID on our digital lives is that we are now more online than ever before. 

Fundamentals of an SMSF during separation

12 May 2021
Dealing with self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) matters during a separation can be complex, so having a good grasp of the fundamental issues and documents can help reach the best outcome.

10 common questions when considering estate planning

22 March 2021
It is all too easy to delay your estate planning, as thinking about what happens to your estate after you pass away can be quite daunting. All too often, people fail to ensure their estate is properly taken care of, which can result in unnecessary stress for their loved ones.

The importance of an SMSF health check

12 November 2020
There are few industries that have been through the level of legislative change over the past 15 years than the SMSF industry.

Divorce & Financial Planning – Six important aspects to set yourself up for the next chapter

11 November 2020
When separating from your spouse there are often headline issues like sorting out the custody of the children, ongoing support payments, and splitting assets which take priority over other items.

Five questions to ask before an SMSF property development

30 October 2020
With rapidly declining rental vacancies and lower numbers of properties for sale in Western Australia, property is once again becoming a topic of interest, and the ever-popular question is coming up once again:

Webinar: The tips and traps of property investment | 28 October 2020

6 October 2020
A journey through funding, structuring, self-managed superannuation funds & more

RSM App Update

11 September 2020
Unique solution provides one-stop-shop for financial stimulus information

Future business planning for success

14 August 2020
As June 30 now fades into the sunset, all the EOFY marketing slogans are boxed up and put away for another year, and 1 July becomes just another day in the calendar. It is the future business planning that will determine what tomorrow looks like.

Employee Home Office Expenses

12 June 2020
Due to the spread of COVID-19 and Government lockdown measures, most employees across Australia are relishing in the flexibility of being able to work from home.

Treatment of exploration costs in presenting pro forma net assets

30 April 2020
Public documents issued to shareholders and potential investors, such as IPO prospectuses and documents seeking shareholder approval for a proposed acquisition or other transaction – will usually include a pro forma statement of net assets, in order to illustrate the impact of the proposed transaction on the company’s financial positi

IIA's Procurement Integrity (Probity) Paper

24 April 2020
Probity is often considered as the "integrity & uprightness" of a process. A pragmatic approach to probity means maintaining flexibility in a controlled manner within an acceptable and defensible probity framework.