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Market Update with William Keenan from Lonsec

27 March 2017
Identifying new opportunities in 2017 Whether you are a beginner, learning the basics of investing in the stock market or a long-term stockholder,  investing in financial markets can be worthwhile, but are often hard to predict, especially in our current financial climate.

How to boost your superannuation wealth with accumulation tools

22 March 2017
Much has been said and written on the incoming superannuation changes, which represent the biggest overhaul since ‘Simpler Super’ in 2007.

Superannuation Changes - Your questions and our answers | Part 2

2 March 2017
Following on from Part one of Superannuation Changes -  Your questions and our answers, below we explore some other key questions regarding Capital Gains Tax Relief, Estate Planning and Contribution Issues.  

Superannuation Changes - Your questions and our answers | Part 1

2 March 2017
Below we explore some of the most common questions our team has been asked about the upcoming changes. Part one hones in on concerns around the Transfer Balance Caps.Part Two examines other key areas.

5 tips to reduce your mortgage debt

1 February 2017
30 years is a long time to have a mortgage. It's over half a person's working life. How can you snip years off it? Watch this video for some helpful hints around debt management you can implement today.  

How the upcoming superannuation changes will impact you

31 January 2017
Superannuation changes, which take effect on 1 July could have a massive impact on workers, particularly the wealthy, and many may end up paying more tax. The news is not all bad for Australians, and there are some opportunities to make smart financial decisions now that will put you in the driver's seat for your retirement.

Liquidity a problem? Give your business a health check !!

2 December 2016
Companies relying on historically low interest rates to mask their true capacity to pay bills when they fall due, need to seriously address debt serviceability once the official cash rate starts moving higher which some will say will occur in 2017.

‘Soldiers of misfortune’ and their post-war battles

24 November 2016
Instead of ticker tape parades, too many service veterans are returning home to a life of poverty, broken marriage, welfare dependency, homelessness and potential bankruptcy, says Rod Edwards director at RSM Financial Services Australia (RSM).

Avoiding the wind-up to insolvency risk

22 November 2016
EARLY DETECTION CAN REVERSE SME EXPOSURE TO INSOLVENCY RISK Small businesses (SMEs) that have only managed to stay afloat by using their debts due to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a type of unofficial/unauthorised overdraft facility need to get a better handle on ‘insolvency risk’ or face going bust.

Just what is a sustainable cash flow?

21 November 2016
Many SME owners struggle to differentiate between profit and cash flow.  If asked to produce a cash flow forecast, most will revert to producing a profit forecast.  But profit and cash flow are definitely not the same.