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Taking steps to manage risk today ensures you protect your business and its operations in the future.

In today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing landscape, many businesses are becoming more and more vulnerable to the dangers of cyber risk, operational risk, regulatory risk and investigation, reputation risk as well as fraud and corruption..

From improving business processes and assessing risks for business performance, to creating business continuity plans and disaster recovery programs through a detailed risk assessment, RSM offers a wide range of services to identify and manage business risks by developing a business risk management.



Jean-Marc Imbert
National Head of Risk Advisory
T: +61 3 9286 8186

[email protected]


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As recent history demonstrates, from the global banking crisis to the rise of cybercrime, managing business risks should be embedded within the culture of every organisation so that everyone is focused on identifying threats and developing an appropriate response.


In fact, the identification of risk and compliance is an opportunity to prepare a risk strategy, respond and emerge stronger in order to help make decisions, support business performance and objectives as well as prevent loss, damage or harm to the business.

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