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16 April 2015
No doubt those who attended APP 2015 came away with many ideas to implement in the pharmacy. Since that time there has been much dampening of enthusiasm with potential horror stories coming out around the imminent 6th Agreement and the 2015 federal...
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9 December 2015
The market for pharmacy businesses is very strong at the moment with what appears to be the unleashing of unmet demand in the run-up to the close of 5CPA and the commencement of 6CPA. I am seeing seriously high prices being paid for many businesses...
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11 August 2015
6CPA has arrived and owners appear to have seamlessly moved into and absorbed the new way of being. In my last article I outlined the changes to remuneration, including the implementation of the new AHI fee. Relatively speaking, 6CPA has helped in...
11 February 2016
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2 September 2015
While the R&D Tax Incentive is one of the effective mechanisms for stimulating innovation in Australia, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competitiveness can be improved by enhancing and developing new incentives to increase...
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3 August 2015
RSM, one of the largest mid-tier accounting firms in Australia, has announced its expansion into regional Queensland, opening an office in Toowoomba. The expansion comes as RSM consolidates a two-year association with Toowoomba accounting firm Laird...
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12 June 2015
RSM Bird Cameron will be rebranding to ‘RSM’ following the global announcement by its international network, RSM International that it is adopting a single global brand. RSM International, the world’s seventh largest audit, tax and consulting...
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1 July 2015
RSM, one of the largest mid-tier accounting firms in Australia, has appointed three new partners and five new principals, bringing the total count of partners to 96 and principals to 35. The new partners are: Ross Paterson, Business Solutions,...
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7 March 2015
RSM Bird Cameron, one of the largest mid-tier accounting firms in Australia, has announced a new audit division in the Brisbane office to strengthen its local offering and expand its national audit presence. Kim Hutchinson, national chairman, RSM...
22 September 2015
Uber seems to have sprung up out of nowhere to become an overnight success, and is now leading the so-called 'sharing economy' movement. CEDA welcomes future leaders of all ages and sectors to find out more about this dynamic game-...