Capital markets and IPO support services

Capital Markets and IPO support services

Capital Markets & IPO Support Services

The ability to access capital markets for debt, equity and hybrid products is fundamental to any company continuing to fund its growth strategy. Our team has significant experience in advising on all aspects of capital markets transactions. 

Services we provide include:

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  • Preparation of the investigating accountants reports included in the prospectus
  • Forming part of the due diligence committee
  • Assistance with the due diligence process
  • Preparing the prospectus and assisting with verification
  • Preparing and reviewing forecasts
  • ASX IPOs, mergers, takeovers or backdoor listings
  • NSX and AIM listings (the alternative investment market of the London Stock Exchange)
  • Cross border and dual listings
  • Debt and equity instruments advisory
  • Corporate structuring
  • Managing documentation and regulatory compliance during a listing process
  • Prospectus drafting services

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Capital Markets

Positive investment outlook for the food and agribusiness sector

22 November 2022
The quality of our produce, strong biosecurity standards, and low geopolitical risk make Australia (and New Zealand) an investment destination of choice.

Raising capital for your startup

7 January 2022
So, you’ve made the leap of faith to have a go at your own startup. 

2021 Control Premium Study: What it means for the metals and mining sector

19 November 2021
RSM Australia (RSM) has published its latest control premium study, undertaken in partnership with Curtin University, with the metals and mining sector showing a significant peak in the last 18 months against long-term averages.

Business Exit Strategy Webinar Series | July - August 2021

12 August 2021
As every business owner knows, an exit strategy should form part of every successful business plan.  Reasons for the exit can vary from family succession, increase in competition, changes in health or life goals, or decreasing profits. Irrespective of the reason, the necessary preparations need to be completed for what at times can become a lengthy process involving financial, legal, regulatory and operational obligations. RSM Australia partnered with Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers (CBP) to deliver an informative webinar series delivering key details for consideration by any owners looking to exit their business.

Changes to Independent Expert Reports for Performance Shares

29 March 2021
On 28 August 2020, the Australian Securities Commission (ASX) released a revised Guidance Note 19 Performance Securities (GN19). 

Accounting 101 for Family Lawyers

2 December 2020
Do you find yourself wading through financial documents and pondering the same accounting questions time and time again?

RSM Australia brings together Sheffield Resources and Yansteel in joint venture

14 August 2020
RSM Australia brings together Sheffield Resources and Yansteel in a transformational joint venture for the Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project.

Treatment of exploration costs in presenting pro forma net assets

30 April 2020
Public documents issued to shareholders and potential investors, such as IPO prospectuses and documents seeking shareholder approval for a proposed acquisition or other transaction – will usually include a pro forma statement of net assets, in order to illustrate the impact of the proposed transaction on the company’s financial positi

Case studies: Damstra

13 February 2020
Proud day for local cloud-based firm One of the great rites of passage for many small companies is graduating to the stock exchange, through an initial public offering (IPO).

Considering going IPO? Here's what you need to know.

1 May 2019
As businesses which have publicly listed will attest, the decision to go IPO isn’t a destination – it’s a journey and one which typically is many months, if not years, in the making.

Directors shouldn’t second-guess asset values

6 July 2016
Regardless of their size, past acquisitions are coming back to haunt the financial statements of a growing number of ASX-listed companies.