Commercial valuation & expert reports

Commercial valuation and expert reports

Commercial valuation and expert reports

Through our extensive experience of the valuation and independent expert report process, we have developed a tailored approach to valuations and expert reports.

Our methodology and clear reporting style provides users of our reports with a detailed understanding of the key issues and assumptions that underpin our valuations.

Our experience includes:  Have a question about commercial valuation & expert reports? Contact us today!

We have extensive experience in undertaking valuations in relation to the following:

  • Independent expert reports
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Funding and refinancing
  • Taxation, including taxation consolidation, stamp duty and capital gains tax
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Intangible assets
  • Litigation support
  • Employee share and option plans


Glyn Yates
National Head of Corporate Finance - Melbourne

E: [email protected]
T:+61 3 9286 8167

Andrew Clifford
Director - Melbourne

E: [email protected]
T:+61 3 9286 8214

Nadine Marke
Director - Perth

E: [email protected]
T:+61 8 9261 9375

RSM offers Workplace assurance advice

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On 28 August 2020, the Australian Securities Commission (ASX) released a revised Guidance Note 19 Performance Securities (GN19). 

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16 March 2021
A valuation determines the estimated amount for which an asset should exchange on the Valuation Date between a willing buyer and a willing seller, in an arms’ length transaction after proper marketing, wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion.

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