Common HR Vulnerabilities in SMEs – Are You at Risk?

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04 July 2019, 2:30pm (Registration starts at 2:00pm)

Many SMEs may not be aware that they are potentially exposed to frauds, cyberattacks and other issues arising from loopholes in their HR practices and processes that are often overlooked .  

This seminar highlights common HR vulnerabilities and how to address them to avoid undesirable consequences. RSM and Rajah & Tann will be sharing case studies and practical advice on identifying and managing these loopholes, while Mercer will share its expertise on mental health in the workplace, another often overlooked vulnerability that may adversely impact productivity.


Date 4 July 2019 (Thursday)
Time 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Venue Lifelong Learning Institute,  11 Eunos Road 8, Hall 1-1, Singapore 408601

When your employee is the weakest link
By Hoi Wai Khin, Director, Business Consulting, RSM

From financial crimes like fraud and embezzlement to kickbacks and cyberattacks on an organisation’s IT system, did you know that HR plays an important role to help prevent such incidents that could spell trouble for your organisation?

Your employee could potentially be your weakest link.  Some gaps in HR processes, if not addressed adequately, may put your organisation at risk.

The increasing use of technology and daily operational ‘firefighting’, coupled with competing demands in SMEs, have led to common vulnerabilities which are often overlooked.  These include:

  • Lapse in communication between HR and IT departments in deprovisioning process  
  • Lack of background checks on job candidates who could be potential security threats 
  • Failure to initiate proper investigations in time into insider and cyber threats
  • Lack of proper vendor management system
  • Inadequate measures to protect employee data

RSM will highlight potential loopholes in HR processes of a typical SME that may put the organisation at risk and share tips on what SMEs can do to minimise the risk.

How to conduct effective internal investigations and disciplinary proceedings
By Jonathan Yuen, Head of Employment Benefits (Disputes), Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP
& Francis Chan, Senior Associate, Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Internal investigative and disciplinary procedures, when poorly structured and implemented, may not just result in perceived unfairness of the process and result, but may also backfire and result in legal exposure and liability to your organisation.

In this practical and interactive session, Rajah & Tann Singapore will discuss common pitfalls arising from poorly structured and implemented investigative and disciplinary processes, and what best practices can be adopted by organisations.

Don’t just tick that box-best practice for addressing mental health in the workplace
By Chen Ding, Senior Consultant, Regional Health Consulting, Mercer
& Naviti Mardia,Consultant, Regional Health, Mercer 

“A study in the UK found that Three out of five employees have suffered mental health issues as a result of work in the last year, with the WHO measuring the impact of mental health at $1 trillion of lost productivity each year.”

Clients are therefore waking up to the need to address mental health in their workplace. However, barriers remain high due to the lack of prevalent data and the associated stigma attached in Asia. Mercer will outline the importance of breaking down these barriers and the steps companies can take. 

Mercer will also cover what a mental well-being journey might look like for a firm so you can gain a better understanding of mental health and how the workplace and external factors can have an impact on employees' well-being.

Panel discussion — common HR vulnerabilities in SMEs
Moderator: Stephen Yee, Assistant Executive Director, SNEF

  • Hoi Wai Khin, Director of Business Consulting, RSM

  • Jonathan Yuen, Head of Employment Benefits (Disputes), Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

  • Chen Ding, Senior Consultant, Regional Health Consulting, Mercer



Hoi Wai Khin, Director,
Business Consulting, RSM

Jonathan Yuen, Head of
Employment Benefits (Disputes),
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Francis Chan, Senior Associate,
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

Chen Ding, Senior Consultant,
Regional Health Consulting, Mercer

Naviti Mardia, Consultant, Regional Health, Mercer




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