M&A in Healthcare & Life Sciences – What You Need to Know

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21 October 2019 (Mon), 1:30pm-6:00pm (Registration starts at 1pm)

The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry has seen some of the major mergers across the globe in 2018. With careful planning and management of issues such as valuation, tax, legal and intellectual property rights, you can maximise value from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for both buyers and sellers and improve deal success. 

We welcome you to join us at our seminar on 21 October 2019, where experienced professionals from RSM and Bird & Bird Singapore will share practical financial advice and legal insights into what business owners, corporate investors, M&A advisors, policy makers, in-house counsels, entrepreneurs and venture capital and private equity fund managers should take note of when managing an M&A. 


Date 21 October 2019 (Monday)
Time 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Venue RSM office - 8 Wilkie Road, #03-08, Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095
Fee Per Pax Admission by Invitation Only
(Limited to 2 registrants per company; first come, first served)
Organisers RSM in partnership with Bird & Bird ATMD


What is My Business Worth?

by Terence Ang, Partner, Advisory, RSM

The price of a business may not be the same as its value. Do you know the value of your business and how you can increase this value?

Terence from RSM will share some insights on:

  • Differences between value and price
  • Basic valuation concepts
  • Key valuation drivers
  • Creating value and extracting value from your business
  •  Key transaction considerations for investor

Tax Issues to Consider and Pitfalls to Avoid in M&A Transactions

by Hsu Chong Hoe, Director, International Tax, RSM

Tax consideration is an integral part of M&A transactions.

Chong Hoe from RSM will share some insights on:

  • Investment structuring
  • Common tax due diligence issues
  • Government incentives

Getting The Deal Done: Issues to Watch Out for in a Healthcare Acquisition or Investment 

by Marcus Chow, Partner, Corporate, Bird & Bird ATMD LLP

The trajectory for healthcare, life sciences and MedTech industries in Asia remains positive and this session serves as a useful primer for participants on legal issues and processes in an acquisition or investment in these industries. 

In this session, Marcus will cover the following salient points in getting the deal done:

  • Deals process 
  • Tender versus no tender 
  • Due diligence 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Exclusivity 
  • Term sheets 
  • Purchase and investment agreements 
  • Shareholders and joint venture 
  • Series investments (seed, Series A, corporate venture capital) 
  • Legal  issues to watch out for healthcare, life sciences and MedTech 
  • Final thoughts and Q&A

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

by Anan Sivananthan, Partner, Intellectual Property, Bird & Bird ATMD LLP

Mergers and acquisitions, particularly those involving private companies in intellectual property (IP) rich industries such as life sciences & healthcare and technology, often involve a number of significant IP issues.

In this session, Anan will discuss some of these IP issues that are relevant to healthcare/MedTech companies:

  • Complete Patent, Design, Trademark and Copyright portfolios
  • IP Licenses – In and Out
  • IP Litigation (including Patent and TM oppositions, cancellations, etc.)
  • NDAs and other contracts
  • Retained/Leaving employees - relevant IP knowledge in their possession; employment contracts (in particular, any ongoing obligations to the company concerning IP)
  • Trade secrets and clinical data



Terence Ang
Partner, Advisory


Hsu Chong Hoe
Director, International Tax


Marcus Chow
Partner, Corporate,

Bird & Bird ATMD LLP

Anan Sivananthan
Partner, Intellectual Property

Bird & Bird ATMD LLP




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Event location

RSM office - 8 Wilkie Road, #03-08, Wilkie Edge, Singapore 228095