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Managing the myriad of online subscriptions for your business can be both confusing and overwhelming. 

We are proud to offer assistance selecting the right software in addition to offering discounted subscription management of the most common software applications you use every day in your business.

Some of the services that our team can assist you with:

  •   switch your existing subscriptions over to us
  •   set up new subscriptions for your business
  •   make recommendations on the best product for your specific needs
  •   setup and customise your software
  •   provide training to you and your team
  •   answer questions ongoing as they arise
  •   centralise your subscriptions onto one bill 

How does it work?

1.  Sign up for a Cloud Club® by RSM account and input your payment details

2. Choose your subscriptions, payment frequency and timing

3. Enjoy cost savings and a streamlined business


Cloud Club® by RSM subscriptions: 



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How can we help you?


Airwallex is a global business account system that integrates directly into Xero and NetSuite for automated reconciliation and does so much more. Some of the high-level features: 


  1. Save on hidden FX and international fees with 90% better FX rates than Big 4 Banks and 0% int’l card transaction fees
  2. Empower your team while you stay in control with Airwallex Visa Corporate Cards created in seconds for you and your team
  3. Accelerate global expansion by accepting multi-currency payments (USD, GBP, etc.) via bank transfers or card
  4. Open domestic and international accounts in 11+ currencies with a few clicks. No queues, appointments, or monthly account fees
  5. Accept card and alternative payment methods on your website in 170+ currencies. Minimise FX fees with no forced conversions for 8 major currencies
  6. Generate unique, trackable links or QR codes to accept funds from customers. Embed Payment Links in your invoices, emails, or text messages
  7. Save on everyday business expenses with market-leading FX rates and no hidden fees
  8. Stop wasting time chasing receipts. Empower your team to easily upload receipts for approval on the Airwallex app
  9. Complete mobile app
  10. Deep integration into Xero and NetSuite as well as Zapier
  11. Complex user permission settings to grant access to your team and accountant and bookkeeper

Airwallex is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club®​ by RSM members

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ApprovalMax is a solution that integrates directly with Xero, QuickBooks & Dext to automate more complex approvals processes for businesses. Some of the high-level features: 


  1. Purchase order creation and approval - Purchase orders can be created and approved in ApprovalMax. It is possible to limit purchase order requesters in terms of what types of products they can request, or from which suppliers they can buy. The purchase order approval routing is based on the workflow settings defined by the finance manager. Approvers receive requests including all the related information as part of the purchase order and as links to the corresponding files.
  2. Bill review and approval - Bills can either be pulled from Xero or Receipt Bank or get created in ApprovalMax manually. It is also possible to copy a purchase order into a bill. Once in ApprovalMax, bills will be routed automatically through a multi-step and multi-role approval process that is based on predefined criteria, such as supplier, amount, GL code, tracking category.
  3. Bill to purchase order matching - ApprovalMax facilitates the matching of supplier invoices - or technically, the bills pulled from Xero - and the related purchase orders which have been created and authorised in ApprovalMax. There are two possible scenarios for bill-to-PO matching in ApprovalMax: either multiple bills to a single purchase order, or one bill to multiple purchase orders. During the matching procedure, proper checks and validations take place.
  4. Audit trails - Audit trails contain all authorisation decisions and exceptions that have occurred and include comments, delegations, rejections and other details. On completion of the approval workflow, an audit report is generated for and attached to every approved document. Both will be kept in the general ledger, where the audit reports can be viewed without having to log into ApprovalMax.
  5. Mobile app - Our mobile app (available for iOS and Android) can be used for on-the-go approvals, raising purchase orders and creating bills. With automated push notifications, approvers are notified immediately when a new finance document has been submitted for approval.
  6. Reports - ApprovalMax provides a number of pre-built reports as well as the option to quickly create new reports using various filters. All reports can be printed out or exported in CSV format. Pre-built reports are available for: potential fraud detected, bills and purchase orders approved, purchase orders and bills approved this month.  

ApprovalMax is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM members

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Asana is a work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.


  1. Work, project, and task management: Get clarity on who is doing what, by when
  2. Communication: Comment directly on a task, to clarify exactly what needsto be done, and @mention teammates or other work in Asana so everyone and everything stays connected
  3. Reporting: Set, track, and manage company goals while connecting it to work to achieve it for a single source of truth for leads, executives, and individuals.
  4. Team management: Create teams to organize your projects and connect teammates with a shared calendar and conversations. You can also control team privacy settings
  5. Integrations: Outlook, Google Drive, Teams, Slack, Harvest amongst others
  6. Endless customisation to suit any industry and workflow
  7. Mobile: iOS and Android

Asana is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM members

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Dext revolutionises bookkeeping for small businesses by automating the collection and data extraction of accounts payable. Simply submit your receipts and invoices as you go using the mobile app, or scan and submit them online; let Dext take care of the rest.


• Save hours every week    
• Data certainty: Always have a record of your clients’ items, with no paper storage    
• Real time data: Instant item submission to show your clients business health    
• Easiest process for clients: Provide an effortless expense process    
• Add your whole team to gain better insights and easily process expense reports and claims    
• Your data is stored securely in the cloud so once the submission is completed, you can get rid of all your receipts. Less paper and less hassle for you    

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Employment Hero is a solution that integrates directly with Xero, KeyPay and more to automate and streamline the employee onboarding and ongoing management process. Some of the high-level features:


  1. Multi-module HR system – an all-in-one HR management platform that is completely configurable to the specific needs of your business. Whether you're a small business with just a few employees, or a larger organisation with hundreds of staff members, the modules can be tailored to your requirements.
  2. Easy onboarding – the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution on the market, designed to help small and medium businesses (SMEs) easily create contracts for and bring on their most important asset – their people. Onboard new hires quickly with virtual contracts and policy acknowledgement, with new starters completing their own employee files electronically.
  3. Applicant tracking system (ATS) – post job listings to over 20 different job boards, then manage all applicants through each stage of the hiring process without ever leaving Employment Hero.
  4. Certifications – manage employee certifications with ease. Approve and decline employee submitted certifications to ensure everyone is up to date with important qualifications.
  5. Continual tracking – track ongoing 1-1 meetings, performance reviews and feedback in one central location.
  6. Tailored learning & development - Develop your people, track their progress and test their knowledge. Build custom learning pathways and upload your own content. Get your team up to speed with everything they need to know. Get access to on demand courses at your will.

Some of the key benefits:

  • Reduce paperwork and save time on administration
  • Streamline your hiring process from advertising to onboarding
  • Stay compliant with contracts, HR documents and templates
  • Make employee management easy with electronic timesheets and leave management
  • Centralise your data and enjoy secure access from your desktop or mobile app
  • Seamless integration and local Australian support
  • Give your team access to a huge range of benefits including discounts on health insurance, gym memberships, gift cards and thousands of everyday items.

 Employment Hero is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM​ members

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Employment Hero Payroll is a cloud-based payroll platform which simplifies the management of the end-to-end employment process by providing tools and functions that save time, promote compliance, empower employees and show real time costs.

Employment Hero Payroll is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM​ members

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Figured is the world’s first platform to provide farmers and their advisors with immediate access to financial data and insights for better decision making. Figured uniquely integrates financial data with a vast array of farm production data in a cloud platform, connecting farmers with their advisors and stakeholders, to manage farm businesses. With real time insights into the farm, and an ecosystem of production data, each member of the farming team can provide their expert input and ensure that farmers move into the future with confidence.

Figured is made of four key components: Financial planning, production tracking + management, reporting and integration with farming and business systems.


  1. Financial planning

Build financial plans which are not confined to fixed time frames, easily create scenario plans over multiple years, and create and save unlimited reforecasts throughout the farming year

  • Farm operations

Track all production and farm operation activity in Figured, including production quantities and volumes of milk solids, livestock and crops, as well as tracking all inputs associated with farm operations

  • Reporting

Produce detailed financial, production, management and year end financial reports. Any user can add comments to reports, export as PDF or share directly from Figured, so everyone in the farming team can stay up to date with the farm’s performance.

  • Data integration

Figured uniquely integrates financial data with a vast array of farm production data in an easy to access cloud platform.

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Google Workspace by Google is everything you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.


  • Gmail – Custom business email: @yourcompany
  • Calendars – Easy scheduling for teams and businesses
  • Google+ – Social network for business
  • Google Hangouts – Easy to join video meetings

Create. Google Workspace has everything you need to bring your project to life:

  • Docs – documents with real-time co-editing
  • Sheets – advanced, fast online spreadsheets
  • Forms – easy surveys and forms
  • Slides – beautiful presentations created together
  • Sites – easy-to-build websites
  • Keep – capture ideas and keep organised

Access. Store files and find what you need instantly.

  • Drive – secure cloud storage and file-sharing
  • Google Cloud Search – powerful search across G Suite

Control. Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.

  • Admin – manage user, device, and security settings
  • Vault – archive, search, and export information
  • Mobile – secure data with mobile device management

Google Workspace is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM members

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Point of sales application

Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, eCommerce and customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage and grow your business in the cloud.


  • Vend is cloud-based. Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.
  • Vend works on iPad, Mac or PC. All you need is a browser. You can even keep using POS hardware you already own.
  • Continue selling even when the internet goes down, Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.
  • Vend works with leading merchant providers globally so you can accept any payments in your store.
  • Vend connects to the best business apps in accounting, eCommerce, staff rostering and more - run your entire business online.

Vend is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club®​ by RSM members

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Bill and expense management application

Lightyear is automation software that streamlines the accounts payable process for businesses and groups of all sizes. Accounting data is automatically synced with accountancy, inventory and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Bills are stored online for 7 years, enabling a truly connected and paperless office in the Lightyear Cloud.


  • 100% accuracy and line item details extracted from electronic invoices in real time
  • Product codes, quantities and costs flow through to your accounting, inventory and ERP systems
  • Receive bills directly from suppliers via email, or upload them via the browser
  • Upload an agreed supplier price list and Lightyear will automatically price check every product and flag any variances
  • Automated tax verification calculations to ensure correct tax is being applied
  • Supplier ABNs are cross-checked against the Australian Business Registry
  • Customise your approvals process
  • Communicate at an individual bill level with stakeholders through tasks management system
  • Preferences are stored in the system allowing automated coding and supplier rules
  • Bills, statements, audit trail and notes are stored in the cloud
  • Dynamic search makes it easy to find all your bills
  • Foreign currency detection
  • Reconcile received and missing bills against supplier statements with the intuitive statement reconciliation tool

Lightyear is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM​ members

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Manage My Renewals® is an online platform that helps businesses manage their many renewals such as Motor Vehicle Registrations, Insurances, ASIC Fees, Licences, Memberships, lease dates, warranty dates, safety equipment dates naming just a few. Automatic reminders and notifications ensuring you never miss an upcoming expiry date again. Allows access to multiple users with no limit. Reduces risk to business, saves time and money. No more ASIC fines, no more Rego fines.

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Run your small business seamlessly from the cloud and manage your finances anywhere with Intuit QuickBooks. QuickBooks is the most popular small-business accounting software in the world, because it is purpose-built with the small business, and the self-employed, in mind.

QuickBooks is built for small businesses and priced for small businesses. With a pricing structure that is set for the global market you can get a complete software package at a fraction of the price.

Small businesses often need to be agile and mobile which is why QuickBooks has built a slick and streamlined app for Android and iOS – rated the highest of all accounting software mobile apps.


QuickBooks has the #1 Customer Service of any small contact service in Australia.


Get payroll for up to 10 employees as a standard feature on every plan from Simple Start and up.


Easily customise, create, and email invoices on the go. Take payments instantly through: PayPal, credit card or debit card.


All your data is automatically stored in the cloud and synced across your devices with the QuickBooks Online mobile app.


Convert quotes into invoices, and invoices into receipts instantly, so you’re always organised and up to date.


Easily access your cash flow statement to see money-in and money-out, so you can make informed business decisions wherever you may be.

QuickBooks is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM​ members

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simPRO is an app for field service, trades & contractors who require a beginning-to-end operations manager. It is used by over 7,000 businesses and over 200,000 users globally.

Some features of the cloud-based app are:

  • Schedule & dispatch staff
  • Equipment and contractors
  • Contractor licence & certification checking
  • Electronic forms
  • Estimating & quoting (multiple options and customisation for your business)
  • Invoicing & card payments
  • Reporting for jobs
  • Timesheets
  • Multi-company & asset management
  • Integrations to other apps Mobile apps for smartphones and iPads


simPRO is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM​ members

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Workforce Success Software

What is Tanda?

Tanda is an industry-agnostic Workforce Success Software, which allows you to build perfect rosters, track attendance, and pay staff accurately for your business. 


  • Save hours every week on payroll: 
  • Automate timesheets and wage calculations with Tanda’s Employee Time Clock and award interpretation. 
  • Export costed timesheets in a one click for seamless payroll
  • Automatically record and export leaves from Tandato payroll every payday
  • Reduce unneccessary costs: Avoid costly overtime and penalties by seeing the award-interpreted cost of your roster as you build it
  • Interpret complex awards: 
  • Automatic updates of base rates and penalties in both Tanda and your payroll system whenever Fair Work mandates changes
  • Accurately match earnings rates in Tanda to your payroll system
  • Paperless onboarding: Onboard new staff in seconds with paperless onboarding that handles tax declarations and super choice
  • Live Wage Tracker™: Track wages in real time from anywhere so you stay in control of wage costs and drive profitability throughout the day

Tanda services businesses both big and small, whether your staff has 10 people or 30,000 plus.

We assist businesses with one or multi-store establishments, companies in the frontline and shift work industries. 


Tanda is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM​ members.

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Cloud-based inventory managment application

Unleashed is an integrated cloud software that gives manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors the freedom to better make, manage and move their products — by enabling them to achieve complete clarity and control over their suppliers, production, inventory and sales.


  • Real-time information and full visibility of purchases, production, stock and sales to help make better business decisions
  • Create purchase orders, record stock movement, and manage supplier information such as price books
  • Track and trace products through all stages of production and distribution with serial and batch tracking to accurately calculate costs and margins
  • Quickly generate branded quotes, invoices, purchase orders, shipping notes and more with the Document Designer
  • Streamline your trade sales with the dedicated online B2B ordering platform
  • Make sales on the go with the free Unleashed Sales App, available for Android and iOS

Unleashed is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM members

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Xero is accounting software made beautiful - a fully cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized businesses, across all industries. With a focus on user-experience, it is easy to use on both computer and mobile devices. Control your financial information, anytime, anywhere.


Xero’s Software as a Service business model – where software is hosted securely on the internet –  allows Xero to address the large and fragmented small business market. Xero releases new features monthly. Additions and extensions to functionality are developed in response to the needs of new customers and new industries. Xero is always ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering the features you really need to save time and money.

Some of those key features:


Create professional recurring invoices and receive updates when they’re opened


Your latest banking, credit card and PayPal transactions are imported and categorised


Inventory items speed up invoicing while tracking sales and purchases


The Xero mobile app works with iPhone and iPad & Android phones and tablets


Calculate the payroll, pay employees and manage payroll taxes


Inventory, invoicing, time tracking, expenses and more all integrate with Xero


Create and email custom purchase orders and copy to bills for payment


Manage your cashflow by scheduling payments. Easily handle personal expenses


Manage your cashflow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers

Xero is just one of the programs available to Cloud Club® by RSM members

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