Is your business missing out on grant opportunities?


Image removed.Are you looking for ways to grow your business, develop new technologies, or enter new markets? If so, you may be eligible for government grants that can help you achieve your goals.

Government grant programs are financial assistance provided by the Australian federal and state government to businesses, organisations or individuals to support specific activities in areas where the government wishes to stimulate growth. Australian Governments offer billions of dollars of grant funding over thousands of programs. Unlike loans, grants do not have to be repaid, making them an attractive option for businesses looking for funding.

However, grant applications can be complex and competition is fierce. To complicate matters, the grants landscape is constantly changing, with programs expiring and emerging daily.


How we can help: 

RSM’s Government Grants team is made up of scientists, engineers and industry specialists. We value the chance to develop an in-depth understanding of your business so that our support is targeted, strategic and right for you.
We are skilled in preparing compelling funding submissions and have a strong track record. Most importantly, we are passionate about your success.

On this page you will find a collection of our latest guidance and insights on current grants, funding and tax incentive schemes available in Australia.

FAQ about government grants and incentives.

The largest pools of grant funding are directed towards projects that involve investment in:

  • Establishing a new facility
  • Facility upgrades/expansion
  • New technologies, equipment or systems
  • Capabilities that enable:
    • Significant workforce expansion
    • Expansion or diversification of products/services in domestic or export markets
    • Onshoring of a process that currently takes place overseas
    • Increased support for supply chains in priority industries
    • Expanded manufacturing capacity
  • Regional/community infrastructure
  • Decarbonisation of operations or facilities
  • Collaborations between companies and universities

We work closely with you to identify and access grant funding opportunities that are right for your business. Our support includes:

  • Providing tailored advice regarding Government funding opportunities
  • Developing compelling funding applications
  • Preparing supporting documentation such as Business Cases and Project Plans.

Government grant funding is targeted at priority sectors at the Federal Government and State Government levels. Currently, key priority sectors include:

  • Renewable energy, low emissions and decarbonisation technologies
  • Recycling technologies
  • Resources (particularly the critical minerals sector)
  • Medical and life sciences (particularly research, technology development and manufacturing)
  • Agtech and food manufacturing
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Defence
  • Transport sector
  • Not-for-profit or local councils (particularly precinct development and community infrastructure)

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Comprehensive support across the grant life-cycle

You need a partner who can help you navigate the complex and competitive grant landscape. At RSM, we work closely with you across the entire grant life-cycle to ensure that you are set up for success: 




Rebecca Barnes

Grants & Government Incentives Hub

Dr Rebecca Barnes, situated in Adelaide, serves as RSM’s National Grants Manager. Rebecca  supports organisations from start-ups to large multinationals to identify and access strategic funding opportunities. 

With a thorough knowledge of the Federal and State funding landscape, she provides tailored advice regarding Government grant opportunities and develops compelling funding applications. Get in touch with Rebecca >

Edward Day

Grants & Government Incentives Hub

Edward Day, based in Perth, is a Senior Manager in RSM’s Government Grants team. 

Edward, a seasoned specialist in Government Grants, supports clients in preparing grant applications across various Federal and State Government programs. He offers personalised advice, devises Government funding strategies, and prepares applications for competitive grant programs. Get in touch with Edward  >

Stephanie Guiney

Grants & Government Incentives Hub

Dr Stephanie Guiney, based in Brisbane, is a Senior Analyst in RSM’s Government Grants team. 

Stephanie assists clients in the preparation of grant applications under a range of Federal and State Government programs and initiatives to provide tailored advice, craft Government funding strategies, and prepare applications under competitive grant programs. Get in touch with Stephanie >