Risk advisory services to identify and manage business risk

The Risk Advisory services provided by RSM Australia assist organisations in identifying and managing risks through the integration of their culture, systems, and processes.

In today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing landscape, many businesses are becoming more and more vulnerable to the dangers of cyber risk, operational risk, regulatory risk and investigation, reputation risk as well as fraud and corruption.

From improving business processes and assessing risks for business performance, to creating business continuity plans and disaster recovery programs through a detailed risk assessment, RSM offers a wide range of services to identify and manage business risks by developing a business risk management.


As recent history demonstrates, from the global banking crisis to the rise of cybercrime, managing business risks should be embedded within the culture of every organisation so that everyone is focused on identifying threats and developing an appropriate response.

In fact, the identification of risk and compliance is an opportunity to prepare a risk strategy, respond and emerge stronger in order to help make decisions, support business performance and objectives as well as prevent loss, damage or harm to the business. 

With our risk advisory solutions, we maximize business operations and performance by identifying and predicting threats, and subsequently mitigating risk and resolving imminent threats.


Through our IT security and privacy services, security and privacy specialists identify your organisation's highest strategic risks, and, offer comprehensive assessments using proven techniques.

We help you design or strengthen your system controls, and adapt your policies and procedures surrounding access, segregation of duties, monitoring procedures and more.

Businesses that do not manage carbon and energy risks appropriately may fail to comply with emerging and changing legislation, may not implement or maintain systems and procedures to collect quality emissions or energy data or produce quality reporting and disclosure. 

Further, businesses that do not factor carbon and energy into their decision making and planning processes could miss opportunities for future growth markets.

Organisations are operating in a rapidly changing business environment, with increasingly complex regulatory requirements. 

Ensuring the right people are following the right processes and using the right systems is essential to define, encourage and control conduct. We dig deeper to truly understand every client and the business environment and we identify emerging opportunities and pre-empt challenges with the right solutions.

We quantitively map and measure the ever-changing nature of customers’ interaction pathways using data driven journey mapping and data visualisation. Spot pain points and re-design the journey to reduce friction for customers.

Risk assurance has developed beyond the provision of retrospective comfort to stakeholders and is gaining recognition as a “business partner” and “change agent” to provide management and the board with advice and where necessary, insight. 

To successfully focus on enhancing and protecting organisations, our risk assurance professionals first turn their attention towards the outcome and start engaging with your business to enhance, protect and create value.

Fraud, bribery, corruption (and improper conduct) control through risk mitigation and fraud and security crisis management will minimise reputation harm and reduce loss.

This applies to all organisations from SMEs to multi-nationals, and often involves a ‘fit-for-purpose’ or proportionate customised approach to suit your business needs.

RSM provides independent and objective advice on tender and transaction processes to assist organisations to ensure the process is fair, equitable, and most importantly, defensible.

From developing your probity processes for any or all elements of your project, to issuing an opinion to confirm adherence to established processes throughout the transaction, RSM can assist with all your probity needs.

In today's digital environment, many businesses are collecting a lot of data, but its potential remains untapped.

RSM offers a range of services that can help unlock value in your business.

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